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Q and A for Care Lovebirds Parrot in Home.

Hello Friends in this blog i will give answer of some questions which ask to me about Lovebird care. I hope you like my this information and make your Lovebird Happy and Healthy with you. here i will add more question and answer as per people ask me so here you will get too many information about Lovebirds.

Can We Give Ragi to Hour Lovebird?

Yes we can give Ragi to our bird and we can make Roti and then we can make small pieces and feed that Roti to our birds. Ragi is a good source of Calcium and Iron which help to make your bird happy and healthy. 

Can we Give Broken Wheat to Our Lovebirds.

Yes we can give Broken Wheat to our Lovebirds but we can give normal wheat also to our birds they also like to eat. Before serve Broken or Normal Wheat to your bird keep wheat in a water bowl when you see wheat soak water then serve to your Birds. Bird love to eat Soaked Wheat.

In which season Lovebird Lay eggs.

Mostly Lovebirds lay eggs between August to March but if you provide them good temperature then they can breed any time in a year. As per my experience i see they do breed almost all year how long we provide them Nest Box. So if you want to stop their breed you can remove their Nest box for few days or for few month but remember after this some female lay eggs on the cage floor. Maintain temperature and give healthy food to your Lovebird then they will breed any time in a year.

Why Lovebirds eat Their Own Eggs.

Mostly Lovebird eat their egg shells when egg hatch, i saw many time in my lovebird setup. When baby out from egg then female eat egg shell and fulfil her calcium requirement. But if Female or Male Lovebird eat their eggs before hatch then there is problem. Most this happen when bird breed first time or 2-3 time, they lay eggs add break them or throw out of the cage. So this is a common thing in all parrots, but remember all bird not do same but this can happy with any bird.

What we need to do when Lovebird stop feed their baby.

This is rare thing but this can happen so if you have a breeder pair then you should live ready for this situation. Mostly Lovebirds care they baby and feed them nicely but some time weather or some other thing make them disturb so they stop feeding their baby, like when Temperature  is around 28 degree then they can care their baby easily but sometimes weather change and Temperature goes high so this make irritate them and when baby always make noise for food. Some Lovebirds take this easily but some not like this so they stop feed their baby or some time they kill their baby also. So be ready if you see this happen with you then you be ready to hand feed Baby Lovebirds.

DO we need to keep Extra food in cage when Lovebird have baby in Nest Box.

Yes we need to keep food always inside the care when Lovebird have baby because baby want food every 2-3 hours when they are in 1 week old. Remember do need keep too much food inside the care because i saw in my setup baby was full and still make noise then female feed him again and he eat little bit and they move to the other side of the cage. This make female more tired because she always need to go outside and take food for her baby. When you keep food in limit then female also know this and feed baby in limit because when you keep too much food in the cage then bird know lots of food they have so she feed too much to baby and some time too much food can kill baby bird.

 What to do if Lovebird Bite us.

If your Lovebird bite you then you no need to worry too much, you just need any antibiotic for few times as your doctor tell you.  Seeds and Fruits eating birds are not Dangerous as other bird who kill and eat insects. So keep this thing in your mind you should know what kind of bird bite you, and if bird bite you first of all you should go to see a Doctor, this will help you more better.

Can 4-5 month old Lovebird Lay Eggs.

Lovebird breeding age is around a year (12 month) some can breed before 12 months some do after 12 months. Some people call Budgie as Lovebirds, Budgie are smaller bird than Lovebirds and Budgies are colourful than Lovebirds. So keep in mind mostly budgie start breed around 5 months on age some do early and some take more long time.

What medicine use to prevent eye diseases in African love birds

First of all if you see any problem in your Bird then go to see the Doctor. As i here from lots of people they have problem in their birds eyes they mostly have African Lovebirds, they get eye infection more easily than other birds as i know, Cockatiel also have this issue but Lovebirds are highly effected with this issue. For this eye infection you can  use Ciplox Eye Drops in India mostly Lovebirds owner have this medicine with them always because no one know when Lovebird having this problem. this happen because of weather change, so if your Lovebird also have eyes infection then you can use Ciplox Eye Drops for them , and keep use this until you not see your bird recover or if you find more still same you need to go to see a Doctor.

What happen with Lovebird his beak turned Brow from White.

First of all remember Lovebird beak live still same in adult age there beak will never change if they sick or they are on breed, Some people called Budgie as Lovebird so if your Budgies beak turn Brown then no need to worry this is the sign your bird is adult and ready for breed.

Can we replace Cockatiel or other birds with Lovebird infertile eggs.

Yes we can replace eggs but keep in mind eggs should be in same size because if we replace smaller eggs then they can break while lovebird sit on that. So always replace eggs with same size as lovebird eggs have.

How many times we need to give food to our Lovebirds.

Mostly people give food 2-3 times in a day to their Lovebirds. Morning time for first meal then after noon second meal and evening time third meal but you can serve some treat to your bird any time in a day which your bird live to eat.

How to know when Lovebird stop Laying Eggs.

Mostly lovebird lay 4 to 6 eggs in one time after every 2-3 days, some lay 2 or more eggs and some bird take 4-5 or 6-7 days b gap between their eggs but this is very rarely see in lovebirds, if you find your bird stop lay eggs and last egg lay before a week then it's mean your bird will not lay egg after that. 

Can Rat and Chipmunk Attack Lovebird

Mostly Rat attack on Lovebird or other birds, when they come for food, Rats can attack and kill Lovebird, some Rats bite on bird legs and some Rats break bird legs so keep your safe bird from Rats, Chipmunk not attack on Lovebirds and other birds they just come eat and leave but you should make your cage safe for your birds.

Can we do travel with our Lovebird/ How Long we can travel with our Bird.

We can travel with our bird how long possible but we should feed our bird time to time so then bird can live happy and healthy while we travel one place to another place. So always keep food in your bird cage can arrange a water bottle or bowl also in your bird cage and make sure bird can breathe easily inside cage while you travel with your bird.

 What should I do my bird lovebirds scare from me?

Some Bird are always scare from their owner and this is natural behave of a bird, so you no need to be worry for this just be nice to your bird when you come near your bird do not speak loud or do not do things which scare your bird because this can be a reason your bird scare when you come near your bird.

What degrees temperature can lovebirds live.

Ideal temperature for bird is 20-25 degree Celsius but bird can survives in 5 to 45 degree Celsius as per my experience because in my place winter time temperature go 1-2 degree outside and in summer temperature goes 45 degree Celsius and i see bird look fine but just maintain diet or your bird to stay healthy in all condition.

Why lutino lovebirds have black eyes?

Some birds are mix with different bird this is one of the main reason they have red or black eyes this happen same like some lutino bird baby become green.

What to do if lovebird attack her child?

If lovebird or any bird start attack on their baby then you should keep out baby because if you not do then your bird can kill their baby and some bird kill and eat their own baby, keep check your baby bird if you see any bite mark on your baby bird they you can keep that baby with you and start hand feeding as soon as possible to save life of your baby bird.

Why love birds start mating in early age.

Some bird do this without know what they are doing so no need to worry they are not doing mating this is just like fun for them so you no need to worry for this.

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