Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Why Budgies Feet Look Black, Green or Blue

Hello friends, in this blog today I am going to share with you some information about why some Budgie Parrot have Black, Green or Blue feet. If you understand Hindi then you can watch the video by clicking above video or you can also read this blog.

budgie parrot

If you have Blue or Green Budgie Parrots, then you must have noticed that the colour of their feet is dark, they have darker feet as the colour that Budgie Parrots have.

So remember that if your budgie parrot's legs are too dark, then it is not a problem it is normal. Because only Dark Blue and Dark Green budgie parrots have Black, Blue and Green feet. While the rest coloured Budgie Parrot legs are light pink. If their feet also darker then it is not a problem, this can happen to others Budgie Parrot also but only in rare case.

Friends, I hope that the information given in this blog will definitely work for you. Thank you for reading for my this blog.


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