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Learn some useful information about Flowerhorn Fish care

Hello Friends in this blog you will learn information about Flowerhorn fish. Here i will answer of some question which ask by some people.

flowerhorn fish

Can we keep Flowerhorn fish with Oscars fish in the tank?

Yes we can keep Flowerhorn fish with Oscar fish but after this you need to know your Flowerhorn fish is more aggressive than Oscar fish and they can fight for their own space in the tank. So if you plan to keep them together then make sure your tank is enough big for both of them to live together happily.

How long Flowerhorn fish live without oxygen in the tank?

Flowerhorn fish can live with Oxygen for two three day to a week, it's depend on your fish health. If you water condition is good this also a reason to help fish to live more long in the tank without Oxygen, waves of water make Oxygen inside the tank for fish so if movement is too less then you should care for this to make your fish Happy and Healthy with you.

How long day Flowerhorn fish can live without Food?

A healthy Flowerhorn fish can live without food for a month or more long time with any problem. Mostly Flowerhorn like to eat daily but when Flowerhorn fish facing some healthy issue then Fish stop eating food. This healthy issue come buy weather change or water quality of your fish tank. So keep your fish happy and healthy always and clean water time to time.

Do we need to keep Stone and Wooden cave in Flowerhorn fish tank.

Yes we should keep Stone and Wooden cave in our Flowerhorn fish tank because fish love be around all of them. When you keep stone in your Flowerhorn fish tank then you will notice your fish like to keep them one place to another place this make your fish busy in the tank and your always live active. When you keep Wooden Cave or other Wooden stuff then you will see fish love to Hide there and swim around.

Why our Flowerhorn fish rub against tank and Big Stone?

Many fish to like this, this is their way to itching, Flowerhorn also do like this some time they so fast near a Stone in the care and rub that stone without hurt itself. So you no need to worry if you see your fish doing this, this is natural way of this to itch.

Can we Feed Chicken meat to our Flowerhorn Fish?

First of all remember land animal meat is not much good for your any fish but you can give in small amount to provide nutrition. For long time use you will find your fish having some health issue. If you want to give Chicken meat to your fish then you should give Fish Heart to your Fish because this help to grow your Flowerhorn fish Hump and help to make your fish color more better. You can feed two to three times in a week but remember do not give too much for getting good result soon. This will take time so give in less amount every week.

How much Temperature is good or Flowerhorn fish?

Flowerhorn fish need 26-30 degree Celsius temperature in the tank. Flowerhorn fish can easily survive temperature between 20 to 30 degree Celsius, if temperature goes little bit more or less then also fish can live inside tank but main thing is maintain pH level for your tank water. Good pH level for Flowerhorn fish is between 7-8 and their tank size should be 50 to 70 gallons.

How long Flowerhorn fish can live?

Flowerhorn fish life span is between 10 to 12 year, sometimes some Flowerhorn fish can live more or less year as per their healthy condition. For Flowerhorn fish you need to maintain temperature between 26 to 30 degree Celsius and pH level should be between 7 to 8 to make your Flowerhorn fish Happy and Healthy with you.

Can we give Seawater Shrimp to our Flowerhorn?

If you plan to give Seawater Shrimp to your Flowerhorn fish then you should remember that Shrimp is not LIVE because live shrimp have Parasites which can make your Flowerhorn fish sick so better you no need to give Live Shrimp or any other Live Things to your Flowerhorn fish. But you can give Dried Shrimps to your Flowerhorn fish they like to eat and Dried Shrimps are safest than Live Shrimps.

Is this possible to Grow Hump of a adult Flowerhorn fish?

As you can see more Flowerhorn Hump start grow when they are between 2 to 4 inches in the size. After this if they have good Hump then good but if their Hump is not good then there is a very low chance to Grow your Flowerhorn fish Hump in adult age.

Can we keep a Young Flowerhorn fish with Betta fish?

For young age we can keep them together but this is not good because in young age also Flowerhorn fish and Betta fish live aggressively and they can easily fight or you can see them always fight or chasing each other or maybe you will see one will die. So keep Betta fish alone or provide a huge tank where they both can stay together but remember when Flowerhorn fish will grow enough they Flowerhorn fish can eat Betta fish. So do not take risky stay in safe side keep both of them in separate tank.

How to Give new food to Flowerhorn fish?

You should feed your New food to you Flowerhorn two to three times in a day or you can give only one or two times also. Reason to feed less time in a day is this when your fish feed hungry then your fish will start eat new food in a small amount. So try to give new food one or two times every day to make your fish ready to eat.

Can we keep Flowerhorn fish with Arowana fish in the same tank?

Yes we can keep Flowerhorn fish with Arowana fish in the same tank but keep in mind tank should be big enough for both of them. Remember, Arowana is a bigger fish than Flowerhorn so if you keep them together than you can see your Big Arowana can eat your Flowerhorn fish easily but in young age they can stay fine but no one can say they stay fine always. Flowerhorn is a aggressive fish which can attach on Arowana fish also. So keep in mind they can be in tank but same time there is a risk also to keep them together.


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