Thursday, June 9, 2022

Electral Energy For Make Your Pets Hydrate In Summer

Hello Friends in this blog you will read how you can care your pet or any other animal from hot weather.

You can use ORS Electrol or Glucose and mix in water according to your birds or pets quantity.

According to my experience Electral Energy is the best Electrolite Powder for any kind of Birds and Animals. Electral Energy make our pets hydrated for all the time.

In summer we see our pets facing some problems like Dehydration, Heat Stock etc.

When we take a new pet in our home we start give them food or other things to eat but as per my experience that time birds need a fresh water which make bird relax because of travel stress, if we not care that time then maybe bird will die soon.

So once we add a new pet we should give Electral Energy to our pets for recover fast from travel stress and if bird become dehydrate then also Electral Energy will help and make our pet happy.

So please keep all the things in mind when you add any pet in your home you must give Electral Energy minimum 2-3 days to make your bird fit.

Please feel free to ask questions regarding pets care specially Parrots, Fish and Turtles

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Electral Energy For Make Your Pets Hydrate In Summer