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Do We Need to Cut Nails of Our Birds

Hello friends, in this blog today I am going to share with you some information whether we should cut our birds' nails or not. If you understand Hindi then you can watch video by clicking on the video above and get all information or you can read this blog.

Birds nails growing is same as human nails grow. Now here comes the question whether we should cut the nails of our birds or not. First of all we should know how is our bird. Does our bird stay in his cage all day as wild birds are kept or is our bird is a Tame bird whom we have trained to live with us by training.

There is no need to cut the nails of the birds that we keep in the cage, but we can cut the nails of that birds who live with us outside cage, but remember this is also not necessary.

So when should we need to cut the nails of birds, according to the information so far, you must have understood that there is no need to cut the nails of the birds who live in the cage. Now the birds who live with us, you need to cut their nails only when you feel too much pointed, remember this is common a little bit nail prick and it happens with all birds.

While cutting the nails you have to keep in mind that you need to cut pointed part of the nail how much look white, if you cut more deep then blood will come out from bird legs. So take care and carefully cut the nails of the bird. If you cannot do this alone then keep someone with you and cut the nail carefully.

The bird will also be happy with a properly nails cut and you will also feel good with your bird.

Friends, I hope that the information given in this blog will definitely work for you. Thank you for reading for my this blog.

Why Budgies Feet Look Black, Green or Blue

Hello friends, in this blog today I am going to share with you some information about why some Budgie Parrot have Black, Green or Blue feet. If you understand Hindi then you can watch the video by clicking above video or you can also read this blog.

budgie parrot

If you have Blue or Green Budgie Parrots, then you must have noticed that the colour of their feet is dark, they have darker feet as the colour that Budgie Parrots have.

So remember that if your budgie parrot's legs are too dark, then it is not a problem it is normal. Because only Dark Blue and Dark Green budgie parrots have Black, Blue and Green feet. While the rest coloured Budgie Parrot legs are light pink. If their feet also darker then it is not a problem, this can happen to others Budgie Parrot also but only in rare case.

Friends, I hope that the information given in this blog will definitely work for you. Thank you for reading for my this blog.

Fish Care Q & A to make your Fish Happy with you

Hello Friends in this blog i am going to share some informative information with you about Fish care in Hindi and English, Here i answer some selected questions and time by time i will add some more questions answer here to update you more about Fish Care.

Can we give Extra Food to our fish?

Food should always be given in a limited quantity to the fish. If we give food to the fish in large quantities then the remaining food will floating in the aquarium and mess up the aquarium. Which will spoil the beauty and water of the aquarium. Therefore, we should always give food in limited or a small amount only. Remember, fish never die from eating less food, but if the fish eat too much food then Fish can die.

How many fish we can use in a 500 LTR tank?

If you plan to buy a large size fish then you should buy 500 litre tank and choose correct things for your tank, which seller can provide you more better, but remember you should know about your fish size because if you buy them in young age they are tiny and within a year or later they grow 2-3 times bigger than the time you buy them. I provide you a link of a shop where you can see 500 litre tank and you can see how many fish they keep in, so you can click HERE to watch video. this will give you a idea how many fish you should keep in your 500 litre tank.

Can coronavirus be transmitted from pet fishes to humans?

CoronaVirus can effect Human from fish only if that fish contact with the person or any other things who infected with the CoronaVirus. If that fish not in contact with anyone who infected with CoronaVirus then you can play with your fish without worry.

How many Oscar Fish we should keep in a 4 feet aquarium?

You can keep 4 to 6 Oscar Fish in 4 feet aquarium, but remember they all should have same size because if their size is not same they start fight in aquarium and elder one can kill small one. 4 feet aquarium will be a good home for 6 Oscar Fish but if possible then keep 4 Oscar Fish only because when they grow they choose their place in bottom of the tank and they not allowed other fish to come in their territory, if someone come they definitely they will fight and they can kill, so keep big fish in less number in your Aquarium.

What Food we can give to our Eel Fish

As eels like to dig, use live molded plants to prevent breaking them. It feeds on small live foods such as Earthworms, Small Fish, Blood Worms, Glass Worms, Brine Shrimp Larvae and Crickets. You can also buy some Eel Fish food from fish shop to make them a healthy good.

I hope you like you like given information in this blog if you have any question please ask freely in comment or you can Email us.

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Learn some useful information about Flowerhorn Fish care

Hello Friends in this blog you will learn information about Flowerhorn fish. Here i will answer of some question which ask by some people.

flowerhorn fish

Can we keep Flowerhorn fish with Oscars fish in the tank?

Yes we can keep Flowerhorn fish with Oscar fish but after this you need to know your Flowerhorn fish is more aggressive than Oscar fish and they can fight for their own space in the tank. So if you plan to keep them together then make sure your tank is enough big for both of them to live together happily.

How long Flowerhorn fish live without oxygen in the tank?

Flowerhorn fish can live with Oxygen for two three day to a week, it's depend on your fish health. If you water condition is good this also a reason to help fish to live more long in the tank without Oxygen, waves of water make Oxygen inside the tank for fish so if movement is too less then you should care for this to make your fish Happy and Healthy with you.

How long day Flowerhorn fish can live without Food?

A healthy Flowerhorn fish can live without food for a month or more long time with any problem. Mostly Flowerhorn like to eat daily but when Flowerhorn fish facing some healthy issue then Fish stop eating food. This healthy issue come buy weather change or water quality of your fish tank. So keep your fish happy and healthy always and clean water time to time.

Do we need to keep Stone and Wooden cave in Flowerhorn fish tank.

Yes we should keep Stone and Wooden cave in our Flowerhorn fish tank because fish love be around all of them. When you keep stone in your Flowerhorn fish tank then you will notice your fish like to keep them one place to another place this make your fish busy in the tank and your always live active. When you keep Wooden Cave or other Wooden stuff then you will see fish love to Hide there and swim around.

Why our Flowerhorn fish rub against tank and Big Stone?

Many fish to like this, this is their way to itching, Flowerhorn also do like this some time they so fast near a Stone in the care and rub that stone without hurt itself. So you no need to worry if you see your fish doing this, this is natural way of this to itch.

Can we Feed Chicken meat to our Flowerhorn Fish?

First of all remember land animal meat is not much good for your any fish but you can give in small amount to provide nutrition. For long time use you will find your fish having some health issue. If you want to give Chicken meat to your fish then you should give Fish Heart to your Fish because this help to grow your Flowerhorn fish Hump and help to make your fish color more better. You can feed two to three times in a week but remember do not give too much for getting good result soon. This will take time so give in less amount every week.

How much Temperature is good or Flowerhorn fish?

Flowerhorn fish need 26-30 degree Celsius temperature in the tank. Flowerhorn fish can easily survive temperature between 20 to 30 degree Celsius, if temperature goes little bit more or less then also fish can live inside tank but main thing is maintain pH level for your tank water. Good pH level for Flowerhorn fish is between 7-8 and their tank size should be 50 to 70 gallons.

How long Flowerhorn fish can live?

Flowerhorn fish life span is between 10 to 12 year, sometimes some Flowerhorn fish can live more or less year as per their healthy condition. For Flowerhorn fish you need to maintain temperature between 26 to 30 degree Celsius and pH level should be between 7 to 8 to make your Flowerhorn fish Happy and Healthy with you.

Can we give Seawater Shrimp to our Flowerhorn?

If you plan to give Seawater Shrimp to your Flowerhorn fish then you should remember that Shrimp is not LIVE because live shrimp have Parasites which can make your Flowerhorn fish sick so better you no need to give Live Shrimp or any other Live Things to your Flowerhorn fish. But you can give Dried Shrimps to your Flowerhorn fish they like to eat and Dried Shrimps are safest than Live Shrimps.

Is this possible to Grow Hump of a adult Flowerhorn fish?

As you can see more Flowerhorn Hump start grow when they are between 2 to 4 inches in the size. After this if they have good Hump then good but if their Hump is not good then there is a very low chance to Grow your Flowerhorn fish Hump in adult age.

Can we keep a Young Flowerhorn fish with Betta fish?

For young age we can keep them together but this is not good because in young age also Flowerhorn fish and Betta fish live aggressively and they can easily fight or you can see them always fight or chasing each other or maybe you will see one will die. So keep Betta fish alone or provide a huge tank where they both can stay together but remember when Flowerhorn fish will grow enough they Flowerhorn fish can eat Betta fish. So do not take risky stay in safe side keep both of them in separate tank.

How to Give new food to Flowerhorn fish?

You should feed your New food to you Flowerhorn two to three times in a day or you can give only one or two times also. Reason to feed less time in a day is this when your fish feed hungry then your fish will start eat new food in a small amount. So try to give new food one or two times every day to make your fish ready to eat.

Can we keep Flowerhorn fish with Arowana fish in the same tank?

Yes we can keep Flowerhorn fish with Arowana fish in the same tank but keep in mind tank should be big enough for both of them. Remember, Arowana is a bigger fish than Flowerhorn so if you keep them together than you can see your Big Arowana can eat your Flowerhorn fish easily but in young age they can stay fine but no one can say they stay fine always. Flowerhorn is a aggressive fish which can attach on Arowana fish also. So keep in mind they can be in tank but same time there is a risk also to keep them together.


Hamster Care for Beginners

Hello Friends in today's Blog you will going to be learn basic hamster care, so i hope this information will help you to make your Hamster Happy with you.

Cage For Your Hamster.

The first thing for your hamster is obviously you need a cage, I personally recommend using aquariums and bin cages, you are going to need a large cage for a hamster something along the size of 450square inches of floor space that's equivalent to around a 40 gallons aquarium. When placing the hamsters cage try to put it somewhere where there is a low traffic area, so there's not too many people maybe not too many loud things going around like the TV or things like that also try to keep it out of direct sunlight, so you don't put it in a window because you don't want it always shining in your hamsters cage and it could heat up a little too quickly in your hamsters cage.

Toys For your Hamster.

You are going to want to include things such as hideouts and you can get a variety of different types, you also want to put different toys in there so like different tubes and different things to stimulate your hamsters brain and you also want to include chew toys in your hamster cage because hamster teeth are continuously growing they never stop growing so they do need something hard to chew on to wear their teeth down so that they do not end up having any medical issues.

Bedding For your Hamster.

The next thing you are going to need for your hamster is bedding and hamsters are naturally burrowers in the wild they will burrow and make houses underneath the ground so you do need a lot of substrate you should give at least a 6-inch amount so that your hamster has enough room for it to burrow and things like that there are some unsafe types of beddings such as pine, cedar and scented beddings anything that is called soft wood shavings is not safe for your hamster it can actually give them a respiratory infection. These safe beddings that you want to go with would be Aspen or any paper based bedding it can be colored even just make sure it's not scented or anything like that. You can buy the kaytee clean and cozy because it's just so soft and it's actually a fairly good price because you get so much in a bag.

Wheel For your Hamster.

You also are going to need some type of wheel because hamsters in the wild can run up to several miles per night so they need a wheel to burn off their energy so for a Syrian hamster and a Chinese hamster you want to get the proper size and it needs to be at least 8 inches most Syrian hamsters will need a larger wheel than an 8 inch most will need at least an 11inch wheel and for Dwarfs you should probably go around 6 to 8 inches this right. I use a 8 inch silent spinner for my Syrian hamster and he fits perfectly in it you also want to stay away from anything wire or mesh because this can injure your hamsters feet and limbs so stick with anything solid.

Feed For your Hamster.

The next you are going to need a diet for your hamster obviously they need to eat something and a hamsters diet should include some type of seed mix and a pelleted mix and then some fruits and vegetables on the side there are a lot of seed mixes on the market you can find so many different brands of seed mixes for hamsters but a lot of them don't actually meet the requirements the hamster actually needs. A hamster should have at least 17 to 19 percent protein 4 to 7 percent fat and 8 to 13 percent fiber, most recommended diet that you can be feeding your hamster is the Higgins sunburst gourmet blend feed mix along with the Mazuri rat and mouse pellets hamsters can have a variety of different types of foods because they are omnivores, the different types of safe foods you can feed your hamsters and all the unsafe foods that you shouldn't be feeding your hamsters so you can check that out if you want personally I feed my hamsters 2 tablespoons every 2 to 3 days. I find this is a good amount and it gives some time to eat it you do not need to be refilling a hamster food dish every day it might seem like the dish is empty but your hamster has cheek pouches that they put all of the food in and they will take it all back to their nest, so that it's close to them so that they can eat it and take little snacks when they want to so it might seem like your hamster is eating all that food but they really aren't so give it a couple days for them to eat the stuff in their nest before refilling the dish.

Water Bottle For your Hamster.

The next you need some source of water for your hamster because once again they are a mammal and they need to be always hydrated you can use a water bottle it is what I recommend because it keeps the water clean and it doesn't get full of bacteria or anything if you do use a hamster food or water dish you do need to be cleaning that out more often than you would a water bottle but for a water bottle you do want to be cleaning this out every several days and refilling it with new water.

Cleaning Things For your Hamster.

The next is cleaning your hamsters cage your hamsters cage really should only be cleaned every once a month if it is the proper cage size and you should be cleaning it every several days so just going finding where your hamster pees or if you see a lot of soiled bedding cleaning that out every once in a while to make sure it doesn't become over dirty and then only cleaning it out once a month because hamsters can get very stressed if you're always cleaning their cage and when you do clean your cage make sure you're not using any harsh chemicals on the cage some water and vinegar mix this is awesome it's pet safe and won't hurt your hamster so this is what I like to clean my cage is with every once in a while I don't do it every month because it's not necessary but when you do clean it make sure you use something safe also make sure to include some previous bedding from the old cage into the new clean cage that way your hamster isn't too stressed out because they will smell their old bedding and they might feel a little bit better your hamster.

Do Not Bath Your Hamster.

Important thing you should know, does not need to be bathed a hamster if bathed in water can actually become very stressed and they can even catch it cold or even passed away so you really never want to be bathing your hamster, in water instead if your hamster gets smelly or they look a little greasy you can give them a little bit of chinchilla bath sand and they can roll around in that and that should clean them pretty good.

Keeping Hamster in Pair.

Most hamsters should live on their own especially Syrians and Chinese hamsters because they are naturally solitary when paired with another hamster they will fight each other and it can become very tragic if you lose a hamster there are some species that can be put together but it isn't really recommended as it is a little bit risky and it should be only for experienced hamster owners to try but even I have tried it and I personally really don't recommend keeping a pair, I suggest keeping one hamster to one cage it's just that easy hamsters should not be introduced to each other either as they can result in fighting, each other and that can be very scary so try not to introduce your hamster to another hamster or try to put them on like a play date or something hamsters really like to be on their own and they do not get lonely and just like any other animal.

Find A Vet For Your Hamster Near You.

Hamsters need a vet find in case anything serious happens or if there's an emergency you do need to take your hamster to a vet just because they might be small or cheap does not mean you have the right to not give them the medical attention, they need so that is your basic hamster care.

I hope after reading this blog you will know how you can care your Hamster and what you need to do for your Hamster Happy with you.

Learn How To Do Basic Rabbit Care in Home

Hello friends in this blog you will going to Lear How To Do Basic Rabbit Care in Home, i hope this information will help you to keep your Rabbit happy with you in your home.

So First of all you need a cage for your rabbit and in the pet stores there really isn't a lot of options for rabbit cages because mostly cages are all too small. Rabbits are large animals so they do need a large cage, when you go into the pet store try not to get any of those wire cages because most of them are too small and it shouldn't even be sold for a rabbit because they can barely move in those cages.

So some of the cage I personally recommend would be the first would be a extra large Dog kennel these are pretty good you can get them fairly large and your rabbit is going to be able to actually move in them, make sure it is at least 2 feet by 4 feet and 36 inches tall because the rabbit could jump over it if it is anything less, like a dog playpen made for dogs so these are perfect for rabbits because they are large and they do give your rabbit a lot of space.

 You can build a Rabbit Cages make sure when you are building these that you are making it a minimum of 2 feet by 4 feet. Then the last option for housing your rabbit would be free ranging your rabbit in a rabbit proofed room, this is the best option I would say you could do this gives a rabbit plenty of space because we have a whole room to themselves of course when you are doing free ranging of the whole room you are going to need to litter box train your rabbit which can be fairly simple because rabbits are fairly easy to train. If you do decide to go with the cage option make sure you are letting your rabbit outside of the cage for at least four hours every single day.

Now for bedding if you are going to be getting a cage with a base you might want to be filling this with bedding you can go with a couple of different safe options such as Aspen shavings Bedding by kaytee this one is clean and cosy or care fresh, this beddings will work just you want to stay away from any pine shavings cedar shavings or unscented beddings as those can all cause respiratory infections.

For cages that don't have a base you can use fleece if you have litter box trained your rabbit fleece is a good option memory foam mats are also good for a rabbit's feet but if you are going to be using fleece or a memory foam mat things like that make sure your rabbit isn't like chewing them and like ingesting that because it isn't safe if they are chewing it you might have to come up with a different solution for bedding.

The Nest thing is chews and toys I have a variety here because rabbits do need stimulation just like any other animal they need tons of toys they love playing and they also do need chews because the teeth are continuously growing all the time they don't fall out like human teeth so they do need hard things to wear down there are so many different types of chew toys like you can get these wooden ones.

You can use some Toys or Things that make noise rabbits seem to like cat balls rabbits love nudging these around there's different types of materials of toys that you can get this little cute caterpillar, the wooden barbell is some rabbits favourite toy to just pick up and throw because rabbits seem to really like the throw things around.

The Next is a rabbit's diet your rabbits diet is super important you can't just go to the pet store and pick out any type of pellet and just feed in that because there are so much more to a rabbits diet, in a rabbit's diet they should have 80% hay(Dry Grass) 10% vegetables 5% of a healthy pellet and 5% or less of treats some people prefer not to feed their rabbits pellets but that just depends on their rabbit and if they have talked to the vet and such a rabbit should have a consistent supply of HAY, if they don't they can actually go into something called GI stasis(This makes Rabbit digestive system slows down or stops completely) and that can quickly lead to death within less than 24 hours so you need to be making sure you always are giving your rabbit Hay. there are a ton of different varieties of HAY.

Here is an example of a type this is just the Oxbow Orchard Grass Hay there also is the Timothy Hay, Botanical Hay, Oat Hay Meadow Grass Hay and I think there's a couple more but there is a lot of different Hays the most popular would probably be the Timothy Hay there also is Alfalfa Hay now that should only be fed to rabbits six months and under because it is very high in protein and calcium so it's good for growing bunnies but for adult bunnies it's not good because you can cause them to gain too much weight and it also can cause to them create calcium stones.

For pellets you want to stick to something that is just Pelleted something like this is just pellets there are mixes on the market for rabbits that has like seeds and artificial like coloured little bit, those are not good for rabbit and seeds are definitely not good for your rabbit they cannot digest those so you need to stay away from anything with seeds and nuts and things like that when picking a pellet you do want to have any certain guaranteed analysis be sure you are looking at guaranteed analysis it should say on the back of the bag and you may want to look for twelve to fourteen percent protein a minimum of 18 percent fiber and two to five percent fat, This Pellets will be the Oxbow essentials adult rabbits food rabbits go nuts over this.

Another important part of your rabbits diet is fresh vegetables daily a rabbit should get one cup for every two pounds of body weight so if your rabbit is four pounds you are going to want to give two cups of veggies for them each day and you can split it up throughout the day you don't have to give two cups right away you can give one cup in the morning or one cup in afternoon, things like that but they do need to be getting their vegetable, they can have a variety of fruits and vegetables.

The next thing is water of course this is super important to rabbits just like any other animal you need water there are two different ways that you can be giving your rabbits water and that is through a water bottle or through a dish. I really don't recommend water bottles as much as i use a dish because water bottles causes your rabbit to tilt their head at an awkward angle so that they can't get as much water out and it can cause some neck problems. I recommend a dish it's a lot more natural for them to drink, some time Rabbit destroyed up here to destroy because rabbits seem to chew on them I don't know why, you can fill this water up and it slowly comes out as they drink more and more, you can change water every day.

Next thing is cleaning your rabbit cage if you do have a cage of course should be spot cleaned every day making sure you're removing any of the soiled bedding and poops and things like that if you are free ranging your rabbit and you have them on a litter box then you really don't have to clean the litter box every single day you can go about two days three days at the maximum for your rabbit itself.

You should never be bathing them in water they are like cats so they groom themselves and they should never be bathed in water because it can do more harm to them, now if your rabbit seems to get like matted under its butt or maybe some poop and things like that are stuck on their butt and it just isn't cleaning there you can give them a butt bath but this shouldn't be done very often.

When Rabbit does go through a molting process where there are different seasons where they lose their winter coat and they shed a ton I'm going to say almost every rabbit sheds a ton it doesn't really matter what type you are going to need some type of rabbit brush you can use cats brush also but it is really good doesn't pull at their skin or anything and then there's a wire brush, you just have to be gentle with it and then this brush basically useless because it gets no hair you are going to want to need some type of brush unless you just want to let your rabbit do it but I recommend brushing your rabbit.

Next thing is sociability rabbits are super social creatures they are like guinea pigs and they should be in pairs always there are some occasions where your rabbit may not be able to be paired and that is only if you have tried multiple times before to pair them with another rabbit and it just isn't working out they seem to just fight and you've tried with different rabbits and it's all the same outcomes or your rabbit has some type of illness that prevents them from being able to be with another rabbit.

Other  thing to talk about is that rabbits definitely need a vet fund and it can be quite expensive rabbits can easily get sick so it's important that if they do you can take them to a vet, every rabbit should be spayed or neutered it prevents a lot of different things such as reproductive cancers it also makes them easier to litter box train it prevents against any aggression and territorial-ness  and it also can help prolong their lifespan, having your rabbit spayed or neutered will also help if you are pairing your rabbit with another rabbit because it cause when you spay or neuter your rabbit they're hormones basically disappeared so that it makes them a lot easier to pair with each other and spaying and neutering in general is just a really good idea.

So Friends follow all the things you read in this blog and i am sure you can make your Rabbit Happy and Healthy with you.

How do you take care of a puppy for beginners?

Hello Friends welcome to you on DSBPets, in today's blog we will share information about what to do when you bring home your new puppy.

We'll try to cover everything here the first few days - how to introduce him or her to your family. Before you bring your newly puppy in home, prepare yourself with the following supplies. Premium puppy food cab give a good start to your new puppy, stainless steel non-tip food and water bowls, identification tags with your puppy's name and your contact information.

A collar and a leather or nylon six foot leash that's under 1 inches wide. Select Brushes and combs which suited to your puppy's coat, dog shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, high-quality safe chew toys to ease teething. Flea, tick and parasite controls. Nail clippers. A room or at least a place he can call his own, like a cage or a crate that will fit his adult size and of course treats also.

Once you have the things, it's time to puppy-proof your home. Raising a puppy is like raising young children. They go into everything. Some of their substances can be harmful to their health. So start preparing for your baby's arrival before the actual day.

Practical tip: Sit down on your hands and knees to look at the world as your puppy loves. It can help you find things you can't see with other electrical wires, small items hidden under banners and vacuum chairs, or hiding spaces where a small bag can get stuck. There are sprays that can be used on legs of furniture, wood, and other immovable items to help prevent your puppy from chewing on things you don't want him to chew.

Should your child be prevented from entering your room until they are better trained and more trustworthy? If so, enter the baby's door, or keep the doors of those rooms locked until your puppy matures. Exercise pens work great when you're at home, but you're busy or you can completely devote yourself to monitoring your toddler.

If you are about to make dinner for example instead of chasing your dog or locking him in a puppy proof room, set up a kitchen exercise pen with you. This will allow her to get used to your family's routes while returning. It will also allow her to feel like she is part of the family.

When your house is ready it's time to bring your new family member home. You want to do your best to keep this from over-exploiting your child. So it might not be a good idea to bring the whole family, especially if you are happy, young children. Also, remember that the vibrations, sounds and movements of your car can be very scary for a small child and make them nervous. On the first trip home it is best for the rider to hold your puppy in a soft blanket or towel on their lap.

After the first trip home you must first use the crate to navigate all the safety of the dog and the passenger's movement of the car. Try to buy a dog seat belt specifically designed to hold and protect your partner in the event of an accident. The best time to bring home a new puppy is when the house is quiet. Do your best to minimise the number of visitors you set up in the first few days so you can carry out the daily procedure by following these steps.

The first step before taking her into the house, take her to a place in your yard that will serve as her jars and spend a few minutes there. When he leaves, praise him. Otherwise get into the house but make sure you take her to this place every time you need to go to the bathroom.

Step two into the room that will serve as his new library if you use one setup. Put the sleeping and chewing toys in the living room and let him investigate. If he is chewing or urinating on his bed, get rid of it completely. Understand that a small child is not like an adult dog. Treat him patiently and keep an eye on him. How you interact with your cheetah during this time is crucial to his well-being.

Apply these tips and You should spend extra time with your new baby on the first day at home, but you want to lift him to your normal routine as soon as possible. If necessary, hire a dog walker or ask a neighbour to come and pick her up from time to time during this training and to move forward as your baby grows.

Always manage your child and communicate with him or her regularly. Look out for signs of stripping and rotation that he should go to the bathroom. Then take him out. Establish your process. A toddler has no bladder control and will have to urinate immediately after eating, drinking, sleeping or playing. At night you will need to relieve them at least every three hours.

Do not punish by accident. Never press his nose into the rubble or insult him. He will not understand and can learn to go to the bathroom if you are invisible. Praise your puppy every time he or she goes to the toilet outside. Feed your baby a formula designed for puppies. As a baby you need a healthy, high-calorie diet.

Have the contact details of your local veterinary office readily available in case of an emergency. For those with kids, the single most important part of bringing home your new puppy is making sure your kids know how to treat a small dog and how not to treat it. If your kids are young or not used to handling puppies, you need to spend some time with them for the first few days explaining the rules of how to play with rabbits.

For example, tell them that dogs have sensitive hearing, so it's important not to panic or sneeze. Often children need a lot of rest, like a baby growing up. The puppy-puppy limit plays 15 to 30 minutes two to three times a day. You need to keep an eye on the New Puppy. A happy puppy can get stiff when jumping, and play bites, which can be very difficult for young children.

Always look for interactions and distinguish them when play is more fun. If you have other pets, you will also need to spend time getting used to having them together. At first it is best to keep pets at home separated by your new grandmother, but for a few days. After that time, let your pets smell and interact with the door slightly open. Try to Do this several times over next few days. After that, give the selected animal access to the pit area with your new puppy.

Take care of their meeting and go back to departmental meetings when a problem arises. Exercise pens can also help old and new pets to be used to each other in a limited and safe way. Finally, all you need to do is get a dog to a veterinarian for the first dog test to make sure he is in good health.

I'm sure this information will help you keep your new Puppy happy with you.

Q & A of Red Eared Slider Turtle Care

Hello Friends in this blog i try to answer of some question which is ask me by some people, so please read full blog and share if this blog helpful for you or not because i give all answer as per my experience which have with my Red Eared Slider Turtles.

RES Turtle

Can we feed Fish food to our Turtle.

Yes we can feed fish food to our turtle but keep in mind this should be a optional option only. If your Turtle food finished and you not able to buy new food then you can feed fish food to your turtle for 2-3 days and they buy Turtle food to make your turtle more happy and healthy.

 Can we apply coconut oil on Turtle or Tortoise Shell

yes we can use coconut oil on turtle shell but we need to remember if you apply on turtle upper and lower shell then we need to keep our turtle out of water for at least 30 minutes, on Tortoise we no need to worry we just apply and leave for a long time. Keep your turtle in UVA+UVB light for fast recovery. 

 How to Protect our Turtle from Shell rot/smell?

If someone saw this kind of problem then first of all you need to clean your turtle shell as soon as possible first clean with salt water then clean all shell then apply antibacterial cream and keep your turtle out of water for at least 30 minutes and do this for maximum 3 to 5 days if turtle not have much problem, if you turtle face problem more longer time then do all things mention above and keep your turtle out of water for long 3 to 5 days and keep in water only for feeding time and before feeding clean your turtle well, make sure all antibacterial cream wipe then keep turtle in water and feed and water should be less than upper shell of your turtle after eating apply and antibacterial cream and keep your turtle in UVA+UVB light for fast recovery.

How much Red Ear Slider Turtle can grow.

Red Ear Slider turtle can grow up to 15 inches or little bit more but only female turtle can reach this size mostly male grow around 8 to 10 inches only.

 Do Turtle face problem in cold water?

If your turtle live in cold water for long time specially in winter time then maybe later your turtle have cold like running nose problem and mostly in winter if someone not use heather for maintain turtle tank water temperature then turtle stop eat after few days and stay in a place so be careful because this can kill your turtle.

How to know turtle is Dead or Alive

If you not see any movement in your turtle for some days then you can move your turtle by a stick or if your turtle not move then you can try to hold your turtle and touch his body part to know if he have some movement or not. If your turtle alive then you can see your turtle tummy moving from below legs. This happen with your turtle mostly in winter when turtle go in a deep sleep which call Hibernate.

Can A Res Turtles live in high altitudes?

Red Eared Slider Turtles can live easily in high altitudes also because they not need too much Oxygen to survive, they spend their time inside water almost all day or some more long as i saw my RES Turtle in winter they just stay inside water and stop eat or eat only few times in a week mostly they just live under water, so as per my experience they can live in high altitudes easily.

Can red eared slider turtle get Covid-19?

No Covid case found in turtle yet as per my knowledge but can be spread only if someone infected by Covid-19 and spend time with animal, so just stay safe and keep your pets safe from this kind of situation. You can see RES Turtle respiratory problem if water condition is not good or your turtle have some other heath issue but its not mean Turtle infected by Covid-19, if you find any situation like this the go to doctor as soon as possible for a safer side.

 Thanks for reading my blog have a good day enjoy always.

Aquarium Fish Care Q and A About All Fish

Hello Friends in today blog i give you answer of some question which ask by many new fish owner about Goldfish life and behaviour, this all you will learn here and this information will help you to keep your Goldfish Happy and Healthy with you.

Life Span of a Gold Fish.

The average life span of a pet goldfish is five to 10 to 15 years in the wild but they can live around 25 years as per health condition. Oldest Goldfish found 43 years old as per online records. Some fish can live up to 5 years also so all depend on their care, if you give them a big fish tank where they can freely swim and you give quality food they can surely live up to 15 years. So provide best food and best place to your fish to make happy and enjoy a long life pet in your aquarium.

How Many Goldfish we can keep in a fish Tank.

First of all this all depend of tank size because 2 inches goldfish need 1 gallon(1 Gallon water is around 3.75 liters) of water for swim freely. Note here i mention for 1 Fish only which is around 2 inches of size. so if you keep less goldfish in your 1ft aquarium then you should keep minimum goldfish with you, but if you plan for big tank more than 2-3 ft then you can keep more fish easily in that tank because when they grow more they need more free space. 

If you want to Keep Goldfish as Good Luck fish then you should keep 8 Goldfish in your aquarium with 1 Black Fish, and if you want less fish in your tank then you can keep 2 Goldfish also or you can keep them in a Pair only.

How Goldfish look when we Keep them in a Dark Place.

If you leave your fish in the dark in the dark place, you may have noticed that it becomes some different than you keep in normal light. after keeping in the dark place long time you will see change from red to orange to brown with silver wash. Keep in mind your colour also change as per food you give to your fish, so provide quality food to your fish to get a quality colour.

what we can feed to Newly Born Goldfish Baby.

The recently hatched Baby Brine Shrimp/ Artemia is Goldfish's first favourite food item, as it is a live food that can be acquired by Fry as soon as he swims for free. You can easily create your own brine shrimp hatchery and feed the brine shrimp as soon as it explodes. Take a piece of boiled egg and put it in water. Give it a good shock and then add to your Goldfish tank in small amounts. You may also wish to try crushed brine shrimp and baby fish food. Remove any food that is left inside your tank.

Can we keep Goldfish with Tinfoil Barbs.

You should not keep it in slow fish such as Goldfish because Tinfoil Barb activeness can cause Goldfish to be suppressed. so do not choose aggressive species fish with your Goldfish. So keep soft fish like Goldfish is the only good option to keep with goldfish for more information you can ask seller when you go to the shop, they will provide you all information about this more clearly.

How to care a Overfed Goldfish

With the Goldfish you will see issue too much because this is not a problem, when you feel Goldfish then remember do not put too much food in the same time in your fish tank, you should feed slowly and less in number. If you feel too much food to your Goldfish then your fish can eat mostly food and always they ready to eat whatever food they find in their Tank. The Most big problem is rotting food inside the tank which produces ammonia, which is toxic to Goldfish.

Can Gourami Fish Eat Goldfish Tail in the Tank.

Gourami Fish is not the same aquarium fish as Goldfish. The water conditions needed for these two types of fish are very different from the fact that they can live together. They both make good-keeping fish, but only with separate fish tanks. Gouramies also tend to be aggressive depending on the type of gourami you have. It will chase Goldfish until they are dead. So do not keep both fish together in the same tank. if they are tiny maybe they can stay together in the same tank but remember still there is a chance they can fight and Gourami can Kill Goldfish easily.

Do Arowana Fish Like to Eat Goldfish.

Arowana fish like to eat Goldfish because Arowana like to chase and then eat other smaller fish when you keep more small fish in the fish tank as your Arowana fish food they run for Goldfish more faster than other fish. Goldfish are look bulky than other fish so this is also a reason Arowana like to eat them, but do not feed Goldfish to your Arowana or any other fish because this can effect of Goldfish supply, so better provide Pellets and other fish food to your Arowana Fish.

Pacu fish can live with goldfish in the same Tank.

In the Young age we can Keep Pacu and Goldfish together easily. Pacu is not aggressive fish so we can keep Pacu with Goldfish but keep eye on them if you find they are fighting then you need to separate them to save their life, Pacu and Goldfish can eat same food if you keep both together. So keep in mind as a baby they both fish can easily accept each other but when they grow they can fight for space same like other fish to keep in a big tank to make their space enough for them.

Can We Keep Molly and Goldfish Together in The Same Tank.

Molly and Goldfish are not good together so do not keep them in the same tank, because Molly can Damage Goldfish fin.

So better you should keep soft fish with your Goldfish and find other tank mates for your Molly Fish which have same behavior life Molly fish have.  Molly fish have many tank mates for them which you can easily find in Pet Shop.

Can We Touch Our Goldfish in Tank?

You should not touch your fish because when you touch your fish then maybe you damage your fish soft skin but you should feed your Goldfish every day by your hand but avoid to touch your fish. Goldfish have memory so your fish can remember your face and your voice, when you come near and feed your fish.

Can We put Goldfish with Tetra fish in Tank?

If you plan to keep Goldfish with Tetra fish then you can keep them together for first few months because they can stay together nicely but remember when fish grow they can have some issue for place. Some Tetra can easily share their place with Goldfish but always remember every fish have their own nature, so they can fight also but this is not surety they will fight, but in large tank you can keep both fish easily because large space is good for them to enjoy inside the tank.

Do our Goldfish Remember their Owner?

Once you feed your fish every day for long time then after some time your fish will start remember their owner, like once you come near you fish and say something then you fish know you call and then you fish start follow you. Your fish know your Face also so fish know who is come near tank and call, as per some research i find Goldfish have memory up to 3 months. But it's not mean they forget all after 3 months, 3 months mean they can remember for 3 months and if you continue stay near your fish then your fish remember you how long your fish stay with you.

Goldfish Can Bite Us When We Feed Them

Most of the people scare when they feed their Goldfish because they think their fish can bite them. For Goldfish you no need to scare or worry about they can bite you because Goldfish not have sharp teeth like some other fish have. Goldfish have very flat teeth so they cannot bite you which hurt you badly. Goldfish teeth are just for crush and Grind their food only, so you no need to worry about this just feed your fish freely from your hand.

Can We Keep Turtle and Goldfish Together in Same Aquarium?

In young age you can keep any Turtle with your Goldfish but remember when Turtle grow they can able to eat any fish near them in the Tank.  Only bigger fish can stay with Turtle inside the tank otherwise Goldfish and other soft and small fish will never stay alive in the Turtle tank. If you have Red Ear Slider Turtle and you try to keep any fish with them in small size so they will start chase them and eat when Slider catch them. So better do not keep your Goldfish with and kind of Turtle.

Q and A for Care Lovebirds Parrot in Home.

Hello Friends in this blog i will give answer of some questions which ask to me about Lovebird care. I hope you like my this information and make your Lovebird Happy and Healthy with you. here i will add more question and answer as per people ask me so here you will get too many information about Lovebirds.

Can We Give Ragi to Hour Lovebird?

Yes we can give Ragi to our bird and we can make Roti and then we can make small pieces and feed that Roti to our birds. Ragi is a good source of Calcium and Iron which help to make your bird happy and healthy. 

Can we Give Broken Wheat to Our Lovebirds.

Yes we can give Broken Wheat to our Lovebirds but we can give normal wheat also to our birds they also like to eat. Before serve Broken or Normal Wheat to your bird keep wheat in a water bowl when you see wheat soak water then serve to your Birds. Bird love to eat Soaked Wheat.

In which season Lovebird Lay eggs.

Mostly Lovebirds lay eggs between August to March but if you provide them good temperature then they can breed any time in a year. As per my experience i see they do breed almost all year how long we provide them Nest Box. So if you want to stop their breed you can remove their Nest box for few days or for few month but remember after this some female lay eggs on the cage floor. Maintain temperature and give healthy food to your Lovebird then they will breed any time in a year.

Why Lovebirds eat Their Own Eggs.

Mostly Lovebird eat their egg shells when egg hatch, i saw many time in my lovebird setup. When baby out from egg then female eat egg shell and fulfil her calcium requirement. But if Female or Male Lovebird eat their eggs before hatch then there is problem. Most this happen when bird breed first time or 2-3 time, they lay eggs add break them or throw out of the cage. So this is a common thing in all parrots, but remember all bird not do same but this can happy with any bird.

What we need to do when Lovebird stop feed their baby.

This is rare thing but this can happen so if you have a breeder pair then you should live ready for this situation. Mostly Lovebirds care they baby and feed them nicely but some time weather or some other thing make them disturb so they stop feeding their baby, like when Temperature  is around 28 degree then they can care their baby easily but sometimes weather change and Temperature goes high so this make irritate them and when baby always make noise for food. Some Lovebirds take this easily but some not like this so they stop feed their baby or some time they kill their baby also. So be ready if you see this happen with you then you be ready to hand feed Baby Lovebirds.

DO we need to keep Extra food in cage when Lovebird have baby in Nest Box.

Yes we need to keep food always inside the care when Lovebird have baby because baby want food every 2-3 hours when they are in 1 week old. Remember do need keep too much food inside the care because i saw in my setup baby was full and still make noise then female feed him again and he eat little bit and they move to the other side of the cage. This make female more tired because she always need to go outside and take food for her baby. When you keep food in limit then female also know this and feed baby in limit because when you keep too much food in the cage then bird know lots of food they have so she feed too much to baby and some time too much food can kill baby bird.

 What to do if Lovebird Bite us.

If your Lovebird bite you then you no need to worry too much, you just need any antibiotic for few times as your doctor tell you.  Seeds and Fruits eating birds are not Dangerous as other bird who kill and eat insects. So keep this thing in your mind you should know what kind of bird bite you, and if bird bite you first of all you should go to see a Doctor, this will help you more better.

Can 4-5 month old Lovebird Lay Eggs.

Lovebird breeding age is around a year (12 month) some can breed before 12 months some do after 12 months. Some people call Budgie as Lovebirds, Budgie are smaller bird than Lovebirds and Budgies are colourful than Lovebirds. So keep in mind mostly budgie start breed around 5 months on age some do early and some take more long time.

What medicine use to prevent eye diseases in African love birds

First of all if you see any problem in your Bird then go to see the Doctor. As i here from lots of people they have problem in their birds eyes they mostly have African Lovebirds, they get eye infection more easily than other birds as i know, Cockatiel also have this issue but Lovebirds are highly effected with this issue. For this eye infection you can  use Ciplox Eye Drops in India mostly Lovebirds owner have this medicine with them always because no one know when Lovebird having this problem. this happen because of weather change, so if your Lovebird also have eyes infection then you can use Ciplox Eye Drops for them , and keep use this until you not see your bird recover or if you find more still same you need to go to see a Doctor.

What happen with Lovebird his beak turned Brow from White.

First of all remember Lovebird beak live still same in adult age there beak will never change if they sick or they are on breed, Some people called Budgie as Lovebird so if your Budgies beak turn Brown then no need to worry this is the sign your bird is adult and ready for breed.

Can we replace Cockatiel or other birds with Lovebird infertile eggs.

Yes we can replace eggs but keep in mind eggs should be in same size because if we replace smaller eggs then they can break while lovebird sit on that. So always replace eggs with same size as lovebird eggs have.

How many times we need to give food to our Lovebirds.

Mostly people give food 2-3 times in a day to their Lovebirds. Morning time for first meal then after noon second meal and evening time third meal but you can serve some treat to your bird any time in a day which your bird live to eat.

How to know when Lovebird stop Laying Eggs.

Mostly lovebird lay 4 to 6 eggs in one time after every 2-3 days, some lay 2 or more eggs and some bird take 4-5 or 6-7 days b gap between their eggs but this is very rarely see in lovebirds, if you find your bird stop lay eggs and last egg lay before a week then it's mean your bird will not lay egg after that. 

Can Rat and Chipmunk Attack Lovebird

Mostly Rat attack on Lovebird or other birds, when they come for food, Rats can attack and kill Lovebird, some Rats bite on bird legs and some Rats break bird legs so keep your safe bird from Rats, Chipmunk not attack on Lovebirds and other birds they just come eat and leave but you should make your cage safe for your birds.

Can we do travel with our Lovebird/ How Long we can travel with our Bird.

We can travel with our bird how long possible but we should feed our bird time to time so then bird can live happy and healthy while we travel one place to another place. So always keep food in your bird cage can arrange a water bottle or bowl also in your bird cage and make sure bird can breathe easily inside cage while you travel with your bird.

 What should I do my bird lovebirds scare from me?

Some Bird are always scare from their owner and this is natural behave of a bird, so you no need to be worry for this just be nice to your bird when you come near your bird do not speak loud or do not do things which scare your bird because this can be a reason your bird scare when you come near your bird.

What degrees temperature can lovebirds live.

Ideal temperature for bird is 20-25 degree Celsius but bird can survives in 5 to 45 degree Celsius as per my experience because in my place winter time temperature go 1-2 degree outside and in summer temperature goes 45 degree Celsius and i see bird look fine but just maintain diet or your bird to stay healthy in all condition.

Why lutino lovebirds have black eyes?

Some birds are mix with different bird this is one of the main reason they have red or black eyes this happen same like some lutino bird baby become green.

What to do if lovebird attack her child?

If lovebird or any bird start attack on their baby then you should keep out baby because if you not do then your bird can kill their baby and some bird kill and eat their own baby, keep check your baby bird if you see any bite mark on your baby bird they you can keep that baby with you and start hand feeding as soon as possible to save life of your baby bird.

Why love birds start mating in early age.

Some bird do this without know what they are doing so no need to worry they are not doing mating this is just like fun for them so you no need to worry for this.

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How To SAVE Your Fish From Dying in Your Aquarium

Hello Friends in this blog you will know how to save your fish from dying in your aquarium, so just follow instruction which you will read in this blog and you can care your fish easily.

Fish can be awesome pets for you with the vibrant colours and calm manners but it can be very upsetting when the fish die for no apparent reason however there is always a reason and by understanding the most common causes of aquarium fish deaths, can help us prevent these deadly mishaps in the tank so here are the common causes of fish death and how to prevent them.

First and the most common is the new tank syndrome high concentration of nitrate and ammonium in water can be catastrophic before a tank has established the necessary biochemistry to support a healthy fish in time natural bacteria and water balances these toxins but fish can die unexpectedly until such time as this balance is achieved.

So how to prevent the new tank syndrome after setting up a tank regularly test a new tank for nitrates and ammonia in stains the water as needed to reduce levels so they are safe for fish and after that only add fish in the tank inappropriate aquarium signs unfortunately many fish keepers get a time based on the space they have and then by inappropriate fish without understanding their needs this can lead to big problems in your tank and the loss of some beautiful fish.

How you can prevent this there are two ways to go about choosing the aquarium the first is to decide on a tank based on the space you have and then stock it with appropriate fish the second is to decide which fish you want research the requirements and then get the right size tank for the needs incompatible tank units along with choosing the wrong size time choosing tank mates that don't get along can be a big problem for business.

Some fish are territorial and they will chase any other fish in their claimed area some fish are aggressive and should only be kept with other fish that can defend themselves some fish are fine with other types of fish but can potentially have issues with others of their own kind like the betta fish.

Researched a fish before purchase so you are sure that they are a perfect fit for your tank sometimes it can be hard to know and it is worth it to take your time, rapid and huge water changes in a well-established tank water chemistry is carefully balanced by the fish plant sand the bacteria, huge water changes can disturb this chemistry and cause a fish to stress resulting in to death of your fish water needs to be changed from time to time but suddenly major changes our handful however to prevent this change water gradual siphon only small quantities at once and with two three days for more water to change.

So that the fish can acclimatise to the gradual changes in chemistry water quality the overall quality of water in a time is an essential part of fish health water salinity for salt water aquariums pH levels filtration efficiency and other quality problems most we maintain ideal levels or any of them may be responsible for that fish examine the suitable water quality for your fish and take steps to maintain appropriate level of quality to protect the health of your fish.

Temperature changes most fish can handle a range of temperatures in the tank but sudden or drastic change in temperature can cause stress and make the fish most respectable to disease very drastic changes can be lethal quickly check the tank heater on a daily basis for proper function and place the new tank away from anything that could affect such temperature such as heating or cooling vents sunny windows or draining are as also keep extra heater ready in case of malfunctioning of the current one every tiny amounts of toxic.

Contaminants such as bug spray and lotion perfume so cleaning chemicals and other apparently harmless materials can be friendly to fish, fish will suffer if the water becomes contaminated with these thing show to prevent this protect the tank from an intentional contamination by using a good cover and keeping toxins well away from the tank.

Always wash your hands with unscented non antibacterial soap before reaching into the water for any reason or filling fish don't need three meals a day like us and offer feeding doesn't only wasteful but not even spoiled food can contaminate the water and upsets its chemical environment fish need only few mouthfuls of food every day and although they may like they don't need any extra treatments plan a strict feeding program. Do not deviate from it set feeding quantities until all food is consumed by fish in one or two minutes and do not provide additional feeding best is to feed them once in a day and intermittent fasting is also required unhealthy fish.

If fish have become stressed out sick or in poor condition before being bought into a time it may even be impossible to keep them alive under the best aquarium conditions know the symptoms of common fish disease and buy fish from experienced breeders and dealers always choose only the healthiest fish in the best condition to be able to with stand transport stress and incorporate them in a new time generally a healthy fish will never hide for no reason and we will not have any physical abnormalities eating fish can be a great experience and knowing why fish may die keeps that experience great by avoiding the most common causes of aquarium fish tails.

I hope this information helps you in your fish keeping hope you like it and share it and show your support to us.

How To Keep Your Goldfish Alive For Long Life

Hello Friends in this blog you will read information about how to take care of your Goldfish easily to make your fish more happy and healthy with you in your home.

So why are goldfish dying so young? The usual culprit behind your goldfish's untimely demise is, well, poop.

You see, goldfish waste contains toxins like ammonia that can burn gills and even damage the brain. In the wild this isn't a problem. Freshwater lakes and ponds are home to armies of bacteria that break it down into less harmful chemicals. But in your home tank there's no bacteria to be found. You have to introduce it and that's where a lot of goldfish owners slip up because you can't just buy a fish the same day you get your tank.

The process of growing bacteria takes patience. First, you'll need to remove chlorine from your tank water using a anti Chlorine. Chlorinated tap water is fine for you to drink since it kills germs but it's not so great for the bacteria you want to cultivate. Once you've created a safe space for the bacteria to grow, they'll come from all over the air, the outside of the tank, and any rocks or plants you stick in the tank for decoration.

You can also buy commercially sold bacteria cultures grown in labs. After that all they need is food. Fish food will do this. As the food breaks down, it releases ammonia for the bacteria to eat, and finally, you wait for a while. Depending on how much bacteria you start with, the process can take about more than a month. But then there should be enough bacteria. You can double-check with a simple water test kit. But here's the thing, all the bacteria in the world won't keep your fish alive if the tank is too small.

You see, as these bacteria gobble up goldfish poop, they produce some waste of their own, and if it's not sufficiently diluted, it can kill your goldfish. Single-gallon bowl is too much small, and even the 10-gallon tank you see in every pet store won't cut it. A single adult goldfish needs at least twice that much water to thrive.

That's almost 40 kilograms of water 2000 times heavier than your goldfish and even with a huge tank, you'll still need to replace about 30% of the water every two weeks because besides poop goldfish release hormones and pheromones into their environment, if left unchecked can stunt their growth. That might help explain why goldfish in healthy environments can reach the size of an football, while your last goldfish wasn't much bigger than your index finger.

Once you have a big detoxified tank, Goldfish just needs one more thing and that is your attention. Because you're not swimming in the tank with her, it's hard to notice if something's wrong with, say, the water quality. So often times new goldfish owners don't realise anything miss until it's too late, and common diseases like fin rot, white spot disease and fungal infection shave already taken hold.

So it's a good idea to pay careful attention to how the water looks and smells, and anyway, spending time with your goldfish will be worth it since you can teach Goldie to swim through hoops and eat from your hand. So follow all these tips and make you Gold fish happy and healthy with you for a long time.

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