Tuesday, September 14, 2021

How To SAVE Your Fish From Dying in Your Aquarium

Hello Friends in this blog you will know how to save your fish from dying in your aquarium, so just follow instruction which you will read in this blog and you can care your fish easily.

Fish can be awesome pets for you with the vibrant colours and calm manners but it can be very upsetting when the fish die for no apparent reason however there is always a reason and by understanding the most common causes of aquarium fish deaths, can help us prevent these deadly mishaps in the tank so here are the common causes of fish death and how to prevent them.

First and the most common is the new tank syndrome high concentration of nitrate and ammonium in water can be catastrophic before a tank has established the necessary biochemistry to support a healthy fish in time natural bacteria and water balances these toxins but fish can die unexpectedly until such time as this balance is achieved.

So how to prevent the new tank syndrome after setting up a tank regularly test a new tank for nitrates and ammonia in stains the water as needed to reduce levels so they are safe for fish and after that only add fish in the tank inappropriate aquarium signs unfortunately many fish keepers get a time based on the space they have and then by inappropriate fish without understanding their needs this can lead to big problems in your tank and the loss of some beautiful fish.

How you can prevent this there are two ways to go about choosing the aquarium the first is to decide on a tank based on the space you have and then stock it with appropriate fish the second is to decide which fish you want research the requirements and then get the right size tank for the needs incompatible tank units along with choosing the wrong size time choosing tank mates that don't get along can be a big problem for business.

Some fish are territorial and they will chase any other fish in their claimed area some fish are aggressive and should only be kept with other fish that can defend themselves some fish are fine with other types of fish but can potentially have issues with others of their own kind like the betta fish.

Researched a fish before purchase so you are sure that they are a perfect fit for your tank sometimes it can be hard to know and it is worth it to take your time, rapid and huge water changes in a well-established tank water chemistry is carefully balanced by the fish plant sand the bacteria, huge water changes can disturb this chemistry and cause a fish to stress resulting in to death of your fish water needs to be changed from time to time but suddenly major changes our handful however to prevent this change water gradual siphon only small quantities at once and with two three days for more water to change.

So that the fish can acclimatise to the gradual changes in chemistry water quality the overall quality of water in a time is an essential part of fish health water salinity for salt water aquariums pH levels filtration efficiency and other quality problems most we maintain ideal levels or any of them may be responsible for that fish examine the suitable water quality for your fish and take steps to maintain appropriate level of quality to protect the health of your fish.

Temperature changes most fish can handle a range of temperatures in the tank but sudden or drastic change in temperature can cause stress and make the fish most respectable to disease very drastic changes can be lethal quickly check the tank heater on a daily basis for proper function and place the new tank away from anything that could affect such temperature such as heating or cooling vents sunny windows or draining are as also keep extra heater ready in case of malfunctioning of the current one every tiny amounts of toxic.

Contaminants such as bug spray and lotion perfume so cleaning chemicals and other apparently harmless materials can be friendly to fish, fish will suffer if the water becomes contaminated with these thing show to prevent this protect the tank from an intentional contamination by using a good cover and keeping toxins well away from the tank.

Always wash your hands with unscented non antibacterial soap before reaching into the water for any reason or filling fish don't need three meals a day like us and offer feeding doesn't only wasteful but not even spoiled food can contaminate the water and upsets its chemical environment fish need only few mouthfuls of food every day and although they may like they don't need any extra treatments plan a strict feeding program. Do not deviate from it set feeding quantities until all food is consumed by fish in one or two minutes and do not provide additional feeding best is to feed them once in a day and intermittent fasting is also required unhealthy fish.

If fish have become stressed out sick or in poor condition before being bought into a time it may even be impossible to keep them alive under the best aquarium conditions know the symptoms of common fish disease and buy fish from experienced breeders and dealers always choose only the healthiest fish in the best condition to be able to with stand transport stress and incorporate them in a new time generally a healthy fish will never hide for no reason and we will not have any physical abnormalities eating fish can be a great experience and knowing why fish may die keeps that experience great by avoiding the most common causes of aquarium fish tails.

I hope this information helps you in your fish keeping hope you like it and share it and show your support to us.

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