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Aquarium Fish Care Q and A About All Fish

Hello Friends in today blog i give you answer of some question which ask by many new fish owner about Goldfish life and behaviour, this all you will learn here and this information will help you to keep your Goldfish Happy and Healthy with you.

Life Span of a Gold Fish.

The average life span of a pet goldfish is five to 10 to 15 years in the wild but they can live around 25 years as per health condition. Oldest Goldfish found 43 years old as per online records. Some fish can live up to 5 years also so all depend on their care, if you give them a big fish tank where they can freely swim and you give quality food they can surely live up to 15 years. So provide best food and best place to your fish to make happy and enjoy a long life pet in your aquarium.

How Many Goldfish we can keep in a fish Tank.

First of all this all depend of tank size because 2 inches goldfish need 1 gallon(1 Gallon water is around 3.75 liters) of water for swim freely. Note here i mention for 1 Fish only which is around 2 inches of size. so if you keep less goldfish in your 1ft aquarium then you should keep minimum goldfish with you, but if you plan for big tank more than 2-3 ft then you can keep more fish easily in that tank because when they grow more they need more free space. 

If you want to Keep Goldfish as Good Luck fish then you should keep 8 Goldfish in your aquarium with 1 Black Fish, and if you want less fish in your tank then you can keep 2 Goldfish also or you can keep them in a Pair only.

How Goldfish look when we Keep them in a Dark Place.

If you leave your fish in the dark in the dark place, you may have noticed that it becomes some different than you keep in normal light. after keeping in the dark place long time you will see change from red to orange to brown with silver wash. Keep in mind your colour also change as per food you give to your fish, so provide quality food to your fish to get a quality colour.

what we can feed to Newly Born Goldfish Baby.

The recently hatched Baby Brine Shrimp/ Artemia is Goldfish's first favourite food item, as it is a live food that can be acquired by Fry as soon as he swims for free. You can easily create your own brine shrimp hatchery and feed the brine shrimp as soon as it explodes. Take a piece of boiled egg and put it in water. Give it a good shock and then add to your Goldfish tank in small amounts. You may also wish to try crushed brine shrimp and baby fish food. Remove any food that is left inside your tank.

Can we keep Goldfish with Tinfoil Barbs.

You should not keep it in slow fish such as Goldfish because Tinfoil Barb activeness can cause Goldfish to be suppressed. so do not choose aggressive species fish with your Goldfish. So keep soft fish like Goldfish is the only good option to keep with goldfish for more information you can ask seller when you go to the shop, they will provide you all information about this more clearly.

How to care a Overfed Goldfish

With the Goldfish you will see issue too much because this is not a problem, when you feel Goldfish then remember do not put too much food in the same time in your fish tank, you should feed slowly and less in number. If you feel too much food to your Goldfish then your fish can eat mostly food and always they ready to eat whatever food they find in their Tank. The Most big problem is rotting food inside the tank which produces ammonia, which is toxic to Goldfish.

Can Gourami Fish Eat Goldfish Tail in the Tank.

Gourami Fish is not the same aquarium fish as Goldfish. The water conditions needed for these two types of fish are very different from the fact that they can live together. They both make good-keeping fish, but only with separate fish tanks. Gouramies also tend to be aggressive depending on the type of gourami you have. It will chase Goldfish until they are dead. So do not keep both fish together in the same tank. if they are tiny maybe they can stay together in the same tank but remember still there is a chance they can fight and Gourami can Kill Goldfish easily.

Do Arowana Fish Like to Eat Goldfish.

Arowana fish like to eat Goldfish because Arowana like to chase and then eat other smaller fish when you keep more small fish in the fish tank as your Arowana fish food they run for Goldfish more faster than other fish. Goldfish are look bulky than other fish so this is also a reason Arowana like to eat them, but do not feed Goldfish to your Arowana or any other fish because this can effect of Goldfish supply, so better provide Pellets and other fish food to your Arowana Fish.

Pacu fish can live with goldfish in the same Tank.

In the Young age we can Keep Pacu and Goldfish together easily. Pacu is not aggressive fish so we can keep Pacu with Goldfish but keep eye on them if you find they are fighting then you need to separate them to save their life, Pacu and Goldfish can eat same food if you keep both together. So keep in mind as a baby they both fish can easily accept each other but when they grow they can fight for space same like other fish to keep in a big tank to make their space enough for them.

Can We Keep Molly and Goldfish Together in The Same Tank.

Molly and Goldfish are not good together so do not keep them in the same tank, because Molly can Damage Goldfish fin.

So better you should keep soft fish with your Goldfish and find other tank mates for your Molly Fish which have same behavior life Molly fish have.  Molly fish have many tank mates for them which you can easily find in Pet Shop.

Can We Touch Our Goldfish in Tank?

You should not touch your fish because when you touch your fish then maybe you damage your fish soft skin but you should feed your Goldfish every day by your hand but avoid to touch your fish. Goldfish have memory so your fish can remember your face and your voice, when you come near and feed your fish.

Can We put Goldfish with Tetra fish in Tank?

If you plan to keep Goldfish with Tetra fish then you can keep them together for first few months because they can stay together nicely but remember when fish grow they can have some issue for place. Some Tetra can easily share their place with Goldfish but always remember every fish have their own nature, so they can fight also but this is not surety they will fight, but in large tank you can keep both fish easily because large space is good for them to enjoy inside the tank.

Do our Goldfish Remember their Owner?

Once you feed your fish every day for long time then after some time your fish will start remember their owner, like once you come near you fish and say something then you fish know you call and then you fish start follow you. Your fish know your Face also so fish know who is come near tank and call, as per some research i find Goldfish have memory up to 3 months. But it's not mean they forget all after 3 months, 3 months mean they can remember for 3 months and if you continue stay near your fish then your fish remember you how long your fish stay with you.

Goldfish Can Bite Us When We Feed Them

Most of the people scare when they feed their Goldfish because they think their fish can bite them. For Goldfish you no need to scare or worry about they can bite you because Goldfish not have sharp teeth like some other fish have. Goldfish have very flat teeth so they cannot bite you which hurt you badly. Goldfish teeth are just for crush and Grind their food only, so you no need to worry about this just feed your fish freely from your hand.

Can We Keep Turtle and Goldfish Together in Same Aquarium?

In young age you can keep any Turtle with your Goldfish but remember when Turtle grow they can able to eat any fish near them in the Tank.  Only bigger fish can stay with Turtle inside the tank otherwise Goldfish and other soft and small fish will never stay alive in the Turtle tank. If you have Red Ear Slider Turtle and you try to keep any fish with them in small size so they will start chase them and eat when Slider catch them. So better do not keep your Goldfish with and kind of Turtle.

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