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How to Care for a Red Eared Slider Turtle

Hello friends, if you want to pet a turtle, then you can definitely consider the red-eared turtle. This turtle prefers to live in warm habitats easily, if you want you can also keep it in a large tank. The red-eared turtle is named due to the red line running behind its eyes.

Before buying a Red-Eared Turtle know these few things.

First of all ask your friends about this because maybe you friends have this turtle with him so he can help you and tell you about turtle care. You can learn about this turtle from your friend, such as how to take care of this turtle or what problems will you face after take this turtle, you should check all these things. After know all things you can better decide whether you should take this turtle  or not. You should also know what kind of other water animals you can keep with this turtle. When you go to the pet shop then you should talk with the shop staff related to this turtle. Spend some time talking about the red-eared turtle and examine exactly what the turtle eats and how you can takes care of it. Make sure you are aware very well about what goes into turtle care. After know all you can buy red-eared turtles for yourself.

Learn About Behavior

When you bring the slider turtle in your home your turtle will probably be a little shy. It may take some time or even a few days to get out of the shell. So wait for your slider turtle to feel confident. As soon as the slider turtle not feel scare it will come out from his shell.

Know the personality of the slider properly, they are not naturally sociable but can be more sociable than other turtles. If they are brought from wild environment then these turtles can be fast and aggressive. However some farm born turtles are taught to live among humans because they get used to humans.

Life Time

The life span of a red year turtle is about 20 - 30 years. Some sliders live longer than this. Before taking the slider make sure that you can keep it for its entire life. This creature will probably always be with you like a pet, so it is your responsibility to take care.

Filter and more useful things for Tank.

You may need a heater to maintain water temperature at the place where you are going to place the slider, and you should also have a thermostat monitor to check the water temperature. So that you know whether the water temperature is suitable for your slider or not. Water pumps should also be installed to clean the water. Along with this buy his food also so he does not have any problem food. Even though the price of this turtle is low but they are not necessarily cheap pets. If you are concerned about the cost of the slider, make an estimate of all the costs that you can bear before purchasing the turtle. If you want to invest in a pet, make sure all of these things and bring the slider for yourself.

Provide the correct temperature to your slider turtle. Water should be 80 - 82 ° F (26.5 - 27.5 C) for a sick turtle and 77 - 80 ° F (25.5 - 26.5 C) for a healthy turtle over one year of age. If you live in a warm place, then you have to control the temperature mentioned above.

Use the right type of light for your slider turtle. Turtles rely on UVA and UVB light for vitamins, as well as they require warm light. The UV light does not reach the slider turtle through the glass, so it is very important that you have fix light to reach your slider turtle directly. light will make that part 5–10 degrees more warmer than other places. Which is very important for a slider turtle.

Right filter will help to protect your turtle from bacteria. So your slider turtle will remain healthy in his tank. It is not necessary that you have to buy a very expensive filter. You can change the water regularly, which is a little bit hard task or you use a filter system designed for turtles. In the Pet shop you will find many types of filters that you can buy according to your budget. Remember you can buy a expensive filter but filter should be more useful to your turtle tank.

The river rocks provide a great place for your turtle to decorate the tank. Avoid the gravel used in fish tanks. Also use water plants carefully. Although they can make tank look good. Your slider turtle can start eating these plants as well. If you see this happening then remove the plants and wash the tank. Otherwise it can cause trouble to your slider turtle. Do not plant plastic plants in the tank of your slider turtle because the slider can eat them which is not good for them at all.

Care after Touch Your Turtle:

Remember that whenever you catch your turtle or put your hand in your turtle tank, after doing this you must wash your hands. Because there is a risk of salmonella from turtle, if you do not wash your hands properly. This is mainly a matter of concern for young children or old age people. Due to the risk of Salmonella infection, you need to keep a separate anything related to turtles, which are washed and disinfected with other household items.

Tank for Red Ear Slider Turtle: -

Think about providing all the necessary equipment and supplies to the slider turtle. They are tiny in size when they are young age and then they grow in size after becoming adults. A adult slider requires an area four times bigger then their size . So keep this in mind when purchasing young turtles.

If you are thinking of taking more than one slider turtle then make sure you have enough tanks to keep all the turtles together. Male red-eared sliders disturb females. It can be so extreme that the female stops eating. For this reason male and female slider turtles are kept separately. Remember sometimes slider turtle can live without food for few days or few weeks. There is no problem in this but if you want you can take your slider turtle to a vet.

The first one year old slider turtle baby can be kept in a 50-60 gallons tank but after one year you will need at least 150 gallons tank. If possible take a big tank in the beginning, so that you do not have to change tank later. Slider turtles love food and chase food, so make sure the water in your tank is deep enough. Turtles protect their territory so make sure they have enough space to keep them away from each other, or you may have to keep them in separate tanks. Turtle stool is more solid than fish stool, so provide enough water for your slider turtle and put a filter to clean your slider turtle aquarium.

Male and Female Identification

To check the gender of your slider turtle, you need to wait for minimum 2–4 years of age. After age of 2–4 years You will be able to find out gender of your slider turtle. In slider turtle you will know difference between male and female like male have more longer nails and tail than female.

I hope you like this information about Red Ear Turtle.
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