Tuesday, September 14, 2021

How To Care Your Fish Easily in Summer

Hello Friends in today blog i will give you some information about how you can care your fish easily in summer, so if you face too much heat in your place nowadays then you can follow my instructions and i hope this will help to make your fish happy with you in this summer.

In Summer days when outside temperature goes high then we feel same also inside our home. This overheat can make your fish in trouble so you need to follow these few step to care your fish in Summer.

1. Use Fresh and Cool Water in your Aquarium

If your aquarium water temperature is warm on a hot day nowadays then you should make at least 25 30% water every day with Fresh and cold water but remember do not use ICE water, and do not put too much ICE in your fish tank this can shock you fish and your fish can die also. So keep change water on regular basis how long you feel heat in your tank, this will make your fish happy.

2. Check the water parameters for make your Fish Happy

Make sure water parameters such as pH, ammonia and nitrate are correct after you add new water in your Fish Tank, if you not sure who to check all these things then visit your nearest Fish Aquarium shop and buy a kit to check all these things easily in your home.

3. Keep Fish as per your Aquarium

If you buy first time Fish Aquarium then do not buy too much fish for your tank, ask seller about how many fish can live in the tank you buy, in the shop you can see lots of fish so maybe you choose too much than your Aquarium. Over stacking tanks increase more oxygen consumption, and the same time reducing oxygen levels too. Over stacking can also increase the amount of waste in your tank your filter system has to deal with and maybe your filter not work well for all that, so do not keep too many fish. this can help to maintain temperature of your Aquarium.

4. Do Not Over Feed Your Fish

When you feed a good amount of feed to your fish and if they eat all well then you will find you fish happy healthy and active in your tank, but if you over feed them then you will see too much waster also in your tank which make tank look dirty. Fish also burn more energy during the summer so they need extra nutrients to fight parasites and infections inside the tank. So feed a healthy food to your Fish and maintain cleaning also in your fish tank to make your fish happy.

5. Are You Using Lights in Your Aquarium

Normally some aquarium lights can release some heat in your tank, which can increase the temperature of your tank easily. When you see weather is too hot and your tank is heat too then if possible for your then switch of the light to make your Aquarium temperature down little bit. Lighting make Aquarium look good but specially in summer time you should be careful for this, because fish should feel more happy than stay in too much light.

I hope this blog help you to make your fish happy with you in summer.

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