Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Fish Feeding Tips For Beginner

Hello Friends, welcome to my Blog, i am going to share few tips for food and feeding to fishes. This blog will be useful for beginners and other hobbyists.

First switch off filters before feeding your fishes Reason is, all fishes will not consume food immediately When food is floating, it will be taken by power Filter food will be broken down into pieces and ultimately unavailable for fishes most of the hobbyists are unaware about this process hobbyists do not know the fact that food is sucked inside filter Hence i suggest to switch off filter before feeding your fish.

Allow the water to settle down for a while wait for 1 or 2 minutes when you switch off the filter, fishes will understand someone is going to feed them do not feed your fishes in during busy office/ school/college going hours They take a handful of pellets and throw into the tank fishes may not swallow all the foods at a time fishes take all pellets and try to grind it in mouth.

This process only few pellets go into stomach and many get wasted this kind of over feeding is wastage of money and cause many diseases to your fishes, now let's see how to avoid it by the switch off the filter, allow it for idle for few minutes Then drop one pellet, allow the fish to take and swallow it ensure fish takes the full pellet. then allow the fish to move left to right or right to left two times.

This movement for fishes is equivalent to taking a dog for walking on daily basis then drop the next pellet to the exactly opposite position of dropping first pellet While feeding fishes, put on the aquarium light fishes get many eye diseases. 

Keep This in Mind when you Feed your Fish.

1. Drop one pellet at a time

2. Do not drop many pellets at a time  

Observe eyes while feeding fishes uneaten pellets dropped into the chips favor formation of fungus and parasitic diseases over feeding also pollutes the water many hobbyists have a confusion about feeding frequency in a day, i have observed few mistakes in our customer base mostly Ladies ( especially Mother) keeps on feeding fishes whenever fish comes to surface Mothers assume that they are feeding their own son and daughter over feeding will cause digestive related problems in fish.

Two time feeding is sufficient for fishes, more feeding means more water exchange is required many hobbyists use freeze dried shrimps for their fishes if you put shrimps without switching off power filter, filter will suck some of the shrimps into the sponge, freeze dried shrimps keep on moving in the water and get sucked inside the sponge water get spoiled and forms lot of fungus, bacterial and parasitic disease will come.

All shrimps have Rostrum in the front side. you have to remove the rostrum and feed to fishes or else, rostrum may cause some damage to fishes in throat so, fish develop some fear to eat the shrimp again so break the rostrum and give to your fishes when you go for a vacation do not overfeed your fishes.

When you plan for vacation, clean your tank well. clean sponge and gravel, fill conditioned water for better maintenance of fish tanks, cooperation of family and office staff members is must in some offices, all staff members keep on feeding the fishes if we regulate food, we can avoid many diseases to fishes These are very simple things. do it . you will feel the difference i hope this information is useful to you.

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