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Budgies Parrot Care Full Details

Hello friends, in this blog today I am going to share with you information about Budgie parrots. I will try to share all the information that I know about budgie parrots with you. If you understand Hindi then you can watch the video in by clicking on the video given in this blog or you can also read this blog.

First Know Basic Knowledge about Budgies Parrots:

Budgies Parrot whose called Budgerigar or Parakeet. It is mainly found in Green and Blue colours. Other colours come out on the basis of reproduction done from time to time. Budgie parrots are very naughty by nature, just like a naughty child. Normally they sits quietly very rare. If you have a pair of Budgie parrots they make lots of noise. Even if you buy a single Budgie parrot that also can make a lot of noise. Budgie parrots can average 18–20 cm, 7–8 inches long and weigh around 40 grams. The wings of a Budgie parrot can be up to 12 inches when opened. Some Budgie parrots are also of shorter length than normal and some Budgie parrots are also longer than normal.

Some important information about the business of budgie parrots:-

If you want to start budgies parrot trade then you have to keep some things in mind. Like you should have a friendly place so that you can keep the budgies parrot happy. Before trading budgies parrot, keep in mind that you will get profit only after 1 year. Because if you buy large quantities of budgies parrot, they may take 3 to 6 months to breed and some budgies parrot breed only when they are up to 1 year old. So remember, you may have to spend up to 1 year or more. If you keep more budgies parrot then more will be spent on their food and along with the medicines which are given time to time to make them happy and healthy.

How to Buy Healthy Budgie Parrot From Shop:-

When you enter in the shop to buy Budgie Parrot then their noise and beautiful colour will attract you. So remember almost all Budgie parrot look beautiful and attractive but you need to find a healthy parrot for you. First of all you should stand in front of the cage and look all Budgie parrot carefully. When your eyes catch a active and healthy parrot then you can ask the shopkeeper to separate it. Like this you can separate all Budgie parrot you want to buy.

What you need to do when you take Budgie Parrot in home.

When you bring budgie parrots in your home now first of all place them in a secluded place. Bird become little bit scare because they come from shop to home. After placing it in a secluded place, you first give water to your budgie parrot. You can give plain water or you can give antibiotic in water. Remember you have to do this with the birds brought from the shop as there are many types of birds in the shop. There on bird can spread disease to another bird easily. It is best to give antibiotics for this. After some time, you must give ORS to your Budgie Parrot. So that if he has a problem of dehydration, he will also get fixed. I gave Flagyl antibiotic syrup to my birds. You need to give only 2-3 drops of any antibiotic to 1 pair or Budgie parrot. learn more about antibiotics and ORS you read my blog by Click here and if you want to see video in Hindi you can Click here. In the image below I have shown some other antibiotics as well. You can take any of them. All this will be found at your nearest Medical Shop.

What Food can we give to Budgie parrots, remember this food can be fed to all types of parrots.

Budgie parrots mainly prefer to eat Kangani and Millet. Both Kangani and millet can be given together. I give all this mainly to my Budgie parrot, Kangani, Millet, Sunflower Seeds, Paddy. I also give Steamed Rice or Pieces of Bread (ROTI) to my Budgie Parrot. Coriander and Mint also can be given in hot weather. Which gives the bird relief from the heat. In addition, some fruits also can be given such as bananas, apples or some other fruits. Just remember that the fruit should not be too sour.

Human Medicine for Birds.

You can also give human medicine to your birds such as calcium syrup, multivitamins or antibiotics. Remember it will be more better if all this come as syrup. You can also take their Pills/ Tablets from the Medical Shop. But keep in mind when you give them then you need to make powder of all Pills/Tablets and give to your bird very carefully.

Care in Summer:-

If your bird is feeling hot, then you can on a fan in front of your bird so that it can get relief from the heat. You can run a ceiling fan or a table fan in front of your birds. If too much heat in your place then you can also on room cooler in front of your birds. But take care that room cooler or table fan is far from your birds at least 4-5 feet, so fast air will not hurt your bird. Do not take breed in above 35 degree temperature It may be harmful for your budgie parrot or any other parrot or bird. Because sitting on the eggs will increase the heat, which will cause more trouble for the female. Therefore some females lay eggs in summer but do not sit on them then later that eggs become useless.

How to bathe the birds:

If your bird feels hot, then you can give your bird a bath. For this, you place water in a small open kitchenware and keep it near your bird. First you budgie parrot will scare but after some time he will start bathing in it. Remember, this may take 1-2 days or even longer time. So, keep repeating this so that budgie parrot can be understood quickly. Or you can also bath your budgie parrot or other bird with a spray bottle. Some birds like to take bath with Spray Bottle.

How To Hand Tame Bird?

When your budgie parrot stop scare from you, then you can also Hand Tame your birds. You can click on the link below to read the blog or watch the video.

Hand Tame Budgie Parrot Blog in English Part 1Part 2Part 3.

Hand Tame Budgie Parrot Video in Hindi Part 1Part 2Part 3.

Breeding Setup Information.

When your male and female budgie parrots feed each other, sit next to each other, clean each other. This shows that they do pairing with each other. Remember, there can be a fight between male and female after pairing or before pairing. It is a common process and occurs in all birds. You do not need to do anything for this.

After some time your birds will start matting. First they will mating only 1-2 times a day, but the number of mating will increase in the next few days. From 7 to 10 days of properly matting, the female will start laying eggs. Females can lay up to 4-6 eggs. After 18 to 20 days eggs will start hatch if all eggs are fertile. Then male and female take care of baby bird for next 30 to 40 days. After 30 to 40 days of age, male or female start get out baby from their nests. And the baby bird learn to eat by himself and learns all this under the supervision of his parents. Once 15 days after the baby bird leaves the nest, the male and female start preparing the mating again.

If you keep other parrot or other budgies parrot egg near a Budgie parrot. Budgie parrot will know about that egg and maybe they throw that egg from out side their nest. Sometimes some budgie parrot help to hatching other budgies eggs and raise there baby also easily. Before doing this think well because if something goes wrong then you will be responsible for that.

How to raise Baby of Budgie Parrots or any other parrot:-

First of all keep in mind that you should let the baby parrot's stay with their parents for at least 20-25 days. If there is any problem then only you keep the baby parrot with you. Sometimes some male females throw their babies out of their nests. If this happens then you may have to take care of those little baby Parrot.

How to feed and what to feed the Baby Budgie Parrot or any other Baby Parrot: -

For any Baby Parrot first you should feed thing which you have in your home. For example, boiled Gram Lentils can be grinded and fed. Boiled rice also can be grinded and fed. Remember to grind them and mix them with lukewarm water and then feed the Baby Parrot. Mix Gram Flour with lukewarm water then fed Baby parrot. This is a very healthy food for any type of Baby Parrot. Plain soaked Bread (ROTI) or Millet Bread (ROTI) can be fed to a Baby Parrot.

How to feed a Budgie Parrot or other Baby Parrot:

First of all, you have to feed a small parrot with a spoon or take food in your finger. You can also feed a small Baby Parrot with an injection, if he eats like this then it is okay otherwise you will have to use a tube with injection as you see in the image below. You have to fill the liquid food in the injection and feed the Baby Parrot. To learn more you can also watch the video below.

How many times a day feed a Baby Parrot.

less than 10 days baby Parrot you need to Feed 6 times in a day and 11-20 days can be fed 4-6 and 21-30 days old 2-3 times a day. Remember, keep the quantity according to the Baby Parrot and do not feed the remaining food to the Baby Parrot again. If the Baby Parrot is more than 30 days, feed then Feed 1-2 times a day and keep Kangni and Millet or Mix Seeds with the Baby Parrot. So that the Baby Parrot gets used to eating all kinds of food. Taking care of all these important things, you can easily raise any Baby Parrot.

Make a hand feed for a Baby Parrot and take care of the amount of water in the feed. For example, give a mixture of food and water in a 50-50 ratio to a Baby Parrot below 10 days. Give 60% feed and 40% water to the Baby Parrot between 11-20 days of age. Give 70% feed and 30% water to a Baby Parrot of 21-30 days and over 30 days you should give 70-30 or 80-20 of feed and water ratio for a Baby Parrot.

Friends, I hope that the information given in this blog will definitely work for you. Thank you for reading for my this blog.
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