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Budgie Parakeets Care Information Read All Question and Answer for Learn More To Care Your Bird

Hello Friends in this blog you will read about Budgie Parrot Care Q and A which ask by many people on My YouTube Channel DSBPets.

If we accidentally pulled Budgie Parrot tail feathers then when that will grow back.

If by mistake you pulled tail feathers of your Budgie Parrot or any other Parrot, so you no need to worry about this because that will be grow back 100% after a month or between 3 months. You should remember you should provide Vitamin E to your birds because Vitamin E is good for Feather and skin for all Parrot and Human also. Vitamin E will make your parrot feather more glossy and your bird look fresh, you can use Vitamin E capsule and mix in your parrot food and you can apply on feather and skin also. You can use Vitamin E for 2 days after every 2 weeks.

Can we keep Budgie Parakeet with Indian Parrot or Eclectus Parrot in the same cage.

We should keep Budgie Parakeet with the same size parrots which can not hurt them badly, because Budgie Parrot are always live active and play all around inside the cage which can disturb other big Parrots and maybe after this they can attack on Budgie Parrot, so do not keep Budgie Parakeet with other Indian Parrot and Eclectus Parrot. But Keep in mind all parrots are not same so maybe some can live as good friends if you keep all of them from their childhood.

Budgie Parakeet can die if they bite us or what happen when Budgie Parakeet Bite us.

Budgie Parakeet can bite badly so if they are wild then do not try to catch/hold them, first train them then you can easily hold your Budgie Parakeet but remember after train bird can bite if we disturb bird, Bird will near die if our bird bite us, so do not give reason to your bird to bite you badly.

Can we hold our Budgie Parakeet when they do Mating or Breeding?

First thing you always need to remember do not hold your Budgie Parakeet when they do Mating or Breeding going on, because this is the time when bird become so much aggressive so if you catch/hold your bird maybe they can bite you badly but remember all bird are not same, but you should avoid catch/hold them when they do Mating/Breeding.

Do Budgie Parakeet sensitive for sound.

Budgie Parakeet are sensitive for sound they know all sound and be alert after hear a strange sound but when they used to hear that sound then they not thing much what's going around them.

what medicine we need to use If Budgie Parakeet have eye infection.

If your Budgie Parakeet have eye infection then you need to give any eye drop to protect your bird for eye infection, you can use 1 drop direct of antibiotic for eye infection to protect your bird from other serious issues.

What do Budgies-Parakeets do if you move them away from their habitat?

Budgies- Parakeets are sensitive they like to be in same place for long time but you if you move them they can be in stress or maybe they can stop eating for few days or some start eat within 24 hours. Budgies- Parakeets like to live in direction in old place they know where they need to go for food or water or their nest so change can confuse bird a lot. If possible then provide same place where they live before so they will be more friendly in new place and accept things more faster.

How to give Calcium Syrup for Budgie Parrot.

Calcium is the need of all kind of Parrots, you can use Calcium Syrup and Tablet for your Budgie Parrot also but remember Syrup is the best option because this will mix with water so fast or you can give this Syrup with your Parrot meal. Before i give Calcium Syrup to you Parrots with water but i saw later what Calcium goes down in the bottom of water bottle then bird drink only normal water, so now i give Calcium Syrup with Boiled Rice and my parrot like to eat Boiled Rice and finished all with which mix with Calcium Syrup so now i am 100% sure my bird get Calcium and they stay healthy.

When Budgies Parrot Make Pair.

If you want a pair or you buy two Budgies Parrot from a pet shop then first you should know their age, because less than 90 days they can stay with each other nicely but after that they grow and in their young age they start fight for their place. After 90 days of age Budgies Parrot start make their pair with each other, so keep in mind if you want to make a pair fast then you should buy a Budgie Parrot over 90 days if not then they will take time to be a pair and confirm their gender also.

Is Cerelac and Nestum Wheat Apple is good for Budgies Parrots.

Cerelac and Nesturm are a good optional food for Baby Budgie Parrots and you can feed to elder also as hand feed or like a normal feed also. I feed Cerelac and Nestum to my all tame Baby Parrot and their growth was really good or i can say their growth same like Professional Hand Feeding Formula available in the market. All kind of Cerelac and Nestum you can use for your baby bird but plain one is better because some have fruits in it and that not mix well while we make feed for Baby Parrot. I use Rice Nestum and Wheat Rice Mix Cerelac for my Baby Parrot. You can buy both by Click on below Images.

Feed A Baby parrot several times a day.

You can feed a parrot 6 times a day for less than 10 days, and 4–6 times for 11–20 days and 2–3 times a day for 20 days older. Remember, size the baby parrot accordingly and do not give the rest of the food to the baby parrot again. If the baby parrot is more than 30 days old, feed 1-2 times a day and add baby parrot, Kangni and Millet or Seeds. So that baby parrot is accustomed to eating all kinds of food. By focusing on all of these important things, you can easily raise any baby parrot. Make hand feed for baby parrot and take care of the amount of water in the feed. For example, give Baby Parrot a mix of food and water in the 50-50 ratio within 10 days old baby Parrot. Feed the baby parrot 60% feed and 40% water between 11-20 days old baby Parrot. Give the baby parrot 70% feed and 30% water for 21-30 days old baby Parrot and over 30 days you should give the baby parrot 70-30 or 80-20 feed and water ratio.

How to feed a Budgie Parrot or Other Baby Parrots.

First of all, you need to feed a small parrot with a spoon or take food on your finger. You can also feed a small infant parrot with an injection, which is fine, otherwise you should use a hose with the injection as seen in the picture below. You should fill the liquid food with the injection and feed the baby parrot.

What to do if Budgie Parrot throw their egg or Budgie Parrot lay egg on cage floor.

first of all you should know if that egg is new or old, if old then how long old because if that egg is more than 5 to 6 days old then there is very low chance that egg able to stay fertile. Egg can stay fertile in room temperature for maximum 5 to 6 days but remember room temperature should be around 30 Degree Celsius. If temperature is too cold or too warm then egg having problem. If you saw a fresh egg your Parrot lay front of you on the bottom of the cage or you just saw your Parrot lay egg same day but not inside their Nest Box/ Pot so you can keep that egg in your Parrot Nest Box/Pot. You no need to worry about if that bird throw egg again. Now Remember for First or Second breed some birds just Throw or Break their eggs because they thing that just take space in their Nest Box/Pot and sometimes some bird not sit on their First 2 eggs and when they lay Third egg then they start sit on their eggs. So again if you saw any egg on cage floor then you can keep on your bird Nest Box/Pot freely. This is only a Myth bird will not sit on the egg if we(Human) touch their eggs.

How to know if you Budgie Parrot have fever or not.

Budgie Parrot care very active kind of Parrot they always make noise and fly inside the cage, but when they feel too much sick only that time they live silent or weak, in other words i can say when they going to die only that time they sit quite. You can easily check if you bird have fever or not but give 10 to 15 second time to know this. First you need to hold your Budgie Parrot and check his feet if your Parrot have fever you will feel their feet more warm within 5 second but if you feel their feet warm after 10-15 second then it's mean your bird is normal they not have fever. Remember when you hold Budgie Parrot and touch feet they automatically become warm after 10-15 second because their body temperature is more hot than US(Human). So if you feel feet warm within 5 second then give antibiotic to you Budgie Parrot for next 3 to 5 days and your Parrot will be recover easily.

Can Budgie parrot Lay eggs when they having babies inside the Nest Box

Budgie Parrot can breed almost 12 month in a year as per my personal experience, because i have 2 pairs or Budgie Parrot and they lay eggs back to back after a clutch, even if i remove Nest Box they lay egg on the floor of the Cage. So keep in mind if your Budgie Parrot also do same like this then you cannot do anything for this, because when female want egg she can lay egg without Male also, so mating with the Male Budgie Parrot is only for make egg Fertile. If she feed little baby after this she can lay eggs any time inside Nest Box. So you can do only one thing buy some fake eggs same as Budgies Parrot eggs and keep that eggs inside the Nest Box, with this female will always see eggs inside the Nest Box then maybe she stop lay eggs, but remember this is not a Guarantee but this is a good idea to make your Female Budgie Parrot little bit confused like this. After see many eggs maybe she stop lay more eggs.

What happened if we give some extra medicine to our Budgie Parrot.

When you see your Budgie Parrot having some infection then you should give medicine carefully because dose of antibiotic can hurt you parrot more, but you if you use Multivitamin, Calcium or Liver tonic then you can give little bit extra like if doctor tell you to give 2-3 drops you can give maximum 3-4 drops only but remember do not give 2 times extra or 3 times extra medicine to make your Parrot more healthy in few days, so always keep in mind low dose can effect slowly but extra dose can hurt your parrot badly.

What to do if Budgie Parrot Become Weak, Dull, Drowsy or Sleepy all the time in the Cage.

If you see your Budgie Parrot look Weak, Dull, Drowsy or Sleepy it's not only mean they are sick. This happen with all kinds of Parrot when Weather change or they are in Molting when they Remove or Pluck their old wings and more reason is Stress. These all things make your Parrot Weak, Dull, Drowsy or Sleepy. You need to give ORS and any Multivitamin to your Parrot with water. Stress have many reason maybe they not like the place where you keep your Parrots or if you or someone disturb them too much and when weather is not suitable for Parrot then that also be a reason for Stress. So do not disturb you parrot if they are in pair but if they are Hand Tame then they will not have Stress when you be with them. Remember any Parrot having this kind of problem so you just trying to understand reason by yourself and give ORS for make your Parrot Hydrate and give Multivitamin to make your Parrot Health good. Give this at least 2 to 4 days in a week. ORS for 2 days continue in every 15 Days, and Multivitamin for 2 to 4 days in every week.

Do we need to keep Toys in our Budgie Parrot Care.

Budgies Parrot like to play so they always need someone with them, if you Budgie Parrot is Hand Tame then your Parrot can spend good time with you but if your Budgie Parrot just stay inside the cage and you not have much time to spend with your Parrot so you need to keep some things for your Parrot inside his cage. If you have 2 or more Budgie Parrots with you then you not need much Toys in your cage but if you have Single Budgie Parrot then you should buy some things for your parrot, you can use these things for your Single or more Budgie Parrot. First of all you can buy some toys for your Budgie Parrot but if you not want to buy Toys then you can keep a Small Mirror inside your parrot cage. When your Budgie Parrot come near Mirror he will think some other parrot also there so your parrot will be busy like this, you can keep some small plastic balls for your Budgie Parrot and some big balls also work fine, you can use 2-3 different kind of Perch in your cage to make bird feet healthy and bird like to walk on all different Perches. You can use a Rope and Swing also because bird like Hang on Rope and they like Swing also. These basic things make your Bird busy all day and make Happy Too. 

Can we give Multivitamin to Baby Budgie.

For a baby Budgie we can add Multivitamin like Vimeral or Grow B Plex in their feed. When we make hand feed for a Baby Budgie Parrot then we can mix 1-2 drops. If we Hand Feed Baby Budgie 4 to 6 times in day then we can add any Multivitamin 2-3 times in Baby Budgie Feed, this will  make baby bird healthy and active.

Coriander good for pregnant Budgie.

We can give Coriander to our Budgies and other Parrots also, especially in summer after eat Coriander Parrot become Hydrate, which is good for all parrot because in summer mostly Parrot and Bird should live Hydrate but mostly people give only water to them so Parrot only drink water but we Should add Coriander, Mint and ORS also to make our Budgie Parrot Hydrate and Healthy in Summer. We can give Coriander Leaves 2-3 Days in a week to our Budgie Parrot. After eating Corander maybe their droping look little bit green so no need to worry for this, but remember if female have baby then give 2 times in a week in limit.

Can we give Tulsi daily to our Budgie Parrots?

Yes we should give Tulsi leaves to our Budgies and other Parrot also, Tulsi have Antioxidants which make Budgies Immunity more stronger to protect them from viral disease like Cold, Fever and Cough. We can give Tulsi Leaves and we can use Tulsi Drops also these both things work fine to make Budgie Parrot Healthy and Happy. We can use Tulsi Dialy in small amount or we can give Tulsi 2-3 times in a week to our Budgies and for other Parrots also.

Alsi and Canary Seeds are good for fast breeding of Budgies Parrots?

I feed Alsi and Canary seeds to my Budgies Parrot for a long time but Honestly i not seed any Quick or Fast action for Breeding process. As per my experience Budgies or other Parrot can breed when they become enough mature because i saw some people give only Millet to their Budgie and their Budgie Breed Perfectly. Now i give seeds mix to my Budgies Parrot and Alsi and Canary seeds a in little amount in that, as per my experience we should just wait for Parrot to become a fully mature Parrot then they Breed easily, Alsi and Canary are expensive seeds and as i mention above i not find that more helpful so better to give Alsi and Canary just spend money on good quality Multivitamins and Calcium to make Parrot more Healthy and Active.

Do we need to give lukewarm water to Budgies Parrot for drinking?

As per my experience we need to give only Normal water to our Budgie and other Parrots also, but in winter we can warm water to make normal so remember Lukewarm also fine for Budgie Parrot. Before give Lukewarm water to your Budgie Parrot check how much warm is that, when you feel fine you can serve to your Budgie Parrot.

Can you we give Fenugreek (Methi) and Spinach (Palak) to Budgie Parrots in Winter?

Yes we can give Fenugreek (Methi) and Spinach (Palak) to out Budgie parrots in Winter because these both things provide Heat to our Budgie and other Parrots from inside, and this is one of the best food for winter to all kind or Parrots. Remember one thing if your Budgie Parrot having baby then do not Feed them Fenugreek (Methi) and Spinach (Palak) on daily basis, when your Budgie Parrot have baby then you can feed 2 times in a week and when your Budgie Parrot not have baby then you can feed 3-4 days in a week but only in Winter. Do not Feed Fenugreek (Methi) and Spinach (Palak) in Summer.

Can we Bath our Budgie Parrot in Rain.

This is not recommended for any parrot or bird to take bath in rain because bird can take bath as per their need. We no need to give them Shower or Bath because this can make bird sick. So better option is keep a water bowl inside your Budgie parrot care so if they want they will take bath from that, Rain water can make them sick.

Is this good to Breed Budgie Parrot and Cockatiel Parrot in the same cage.

This is depend on birds only because budgie parrot become more impish some time and they disturb Cockatiel. If you have bird cage this also can create problem because budgie will fly all over the cage and cockatiel will not go all over they just stay in their own space more of the time. So if you want to keep them in a same cage you can but remember this also and if they all are happy they you can setup breeding setup for Budgie Parrot and Cockatiel Parrot together.

How to give Antibiotic to Budgie Parrot.

Give 1 drop direct to your bird or you can mix 2-3 drops of antibiotic in water the bowl of your bird, keep repeat this for next 2-3 days if you see bird look good then stop or if still face problem then you can give 5 to 7 days also, everyday give morning time antibiotic to your bird and evening time you can give liver tonic also for same days as you give antibiotic.

How to remove smell from the budgies cage?

if you feel smell in your bird cage then clean your cage and check if food tray is wet or not because mostly when food tray is wet then you can feel smell on your bird cage so clean food tray time by time as you like.

How to take care of a less than 3 months old budgie?

Less than 3 months mean they are young or baby and they need more care if your budgie is around 1-2 month then you should check your bird eat well or not because after 1 month they become ready for self eat and this time some bird die because they don't know how much they need to eat so if you see they not eat they you need feed your bird and 2-3 month they ready to eat self and they are good to care them well so you no need to worry much for them in this age.

Can Budgie Parrot speak same as Ringneck Parrot?

Budgie are good for talk but not as Ringneck but if someone teach them so they can speak nearly Ringneck Parrot because budgie parrot care good to learn things and always like to make noise.

If budgie eggs become wet is that hatch or not?

If your bird eggs become wet its not mean they will not hatch it's depend on how long they are in water or how long water stay on egg, so if they become wet then try to dry them as soon as possible because baby breath throw egg cell so if egg live wet long time then there is a chance they will not hatch.

How Much Apple Cider Vinegar we can give to your Budgie Parrot.

For a Budgie Parrot you need to give 1-2 drops of Apple Cider Vinegar in their water bottle and give this only when you see your bird got fat or give every 15-20 days for 2 days continue to make your bird fit.

Can we clean or change Pot/Matki/Breeding Box when we have baby bird in it?

yes we can do clean or change Pot/Matki/Breeding Box when we have baby bird in it but keep in mind do not change direction of that because bird know they home by direction so if you change direction they will not go inside or do not feed baby so if you follow this then nothing wrong will happen.

What size of Pot/Matki/Breeding Box is good for Budgie Parrot.

For Budgie Parrot you need minimum size 6-7 inches high and 24 inches circle of Pot/Matki, breeding box you can use 8*8*8 inches is good for all kind of Budgie Parrots.

Why one Budgie Parrot become sad when other bird die in the cage?

Budgie Parrots are social bird they always like to live with many birds around them, when we feel alone they become sad because they always need some other bird to play or near them, so if you see your one bird die they try to add new bird soon so they always can play together so bird live happy and do not add new bird when older bird have baby in cage.

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