Tuesday, September 14, 2021

What to do When Your Flowerhorn Fish Lay on The Bottom of Your Tank

Hello friends, welcome to our channel Fish Indian doctor. Today we are going to see one important disease among the flowering horns, the flower horn will work for a few minutes, and then it will lie down, I will share an easy way to treat sick fish that many hobbyists add medicine to the water itself.

First take all the gemstones and jewellery into the fish tank and keep the tank running without interruption. Now all the dust particles are accumulating on the bottom of the tank and now release 75% of the water from the bottom of the tank and the dust particles. Then remove activated carbon from it. This efficient carbon will absorb all the fluids, and you need to remove the clay rings and bio balls, if possible remove them all.

 If your fish are lying down suddenly you have to do the whole process to facilitate the most important return you have to keep 50% of the water in the tank, it is always best to keep the water level at least 1 to 2 inches above the false fish we should not use top filters inside the tank. this high pressure will make the sick fish very sick and therefore avoid it, so that you can use a Sponge filter that works with a pump pump in the temperature when you are low, you can keep one hectare in the fish tank.

 Some people keep the glass standing to support the false fish, so that it does not come down. you should not do this, as it will cause a lot of pain in the fish it is a swad bladder. The fish swim with the help of an electrically charged swimmer, when all the gas is removed the fish body is equal to a rock and will fall to the ground. This problem comes as a result of a disease or a broken sheath, without a scan it is difficult to understand the problem in fish.

 So far no advanced diagnostic tools have been found in other areas, so when fish are lying down, we should try medicines to recover, if there is an infection in the bladder, we are here or otherwise it is difficult to recover that I told you to keep 50% of the water level. This is to avoid eye damage. when the fish are lying on the floor and when you fill up with full water, excessive pressure will apply to the fish beds that is normal for patients who get into bed.

We should not treat sleep deprivation in full tank water, after fish tank repairs, fish Dr. Para cures, Stresscuter, ENPR and take care of the dose according to the fraction of the cancellation and the pressure of the digestive tract and ENPR is an antibacterial activity in swimming pool. The dosage of an external infection medicine will vary depending on the fish's size and tank size.

 On the first day you should include the three compounds. On the second day there is no need to add the medicine on the third day, change the water by 50% and repeat the medication as the first day you add two teaspoons of rock salt we should not add salt during dropsy. for all other diseases, we can add the salt water quality will change from one place to another. you must wait at least 3 hours before adding the drug if the drug is not enough for your fish, you will start to struggle. so, it is best to use good quality water, always try to start the treatment process at an early stage to get your fish up to speed.

 This is the basic procedure for the treatment of the fish laid out, I hope you like the details.

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