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Learn How To Do Basic Rabbit Care in Home

Hello friends in this blog you will going to Lear How To Do Basic Rabbit Care in Home, i hope this information will help you to keep your Rabbit happy with you in your home.

So First of all you need a cage for your rabbit and in the pet stores there really isn't a lot of options for rabbit cages because mostly cages are all too small. Rabbits are large animals so they do need a large cage, when you go into the pet store try not to get any of those wire cages because most of them are too small and it shouldn't even be sold for a rabbit because they can barely move in those cages.

So some of the cage I personally recommend would be the first would be a extra large Dog kennel these are pretty good you can get them fairly large and your rabbit is going to be able to actually move in them, make sure it is at least 2 feet by 4 feet and 36 inches tall because the rabbit could jump over it if it is anything less, like a dog playpen made for dogs so these are perfect for rabbits because they are large and they do give your rabbit a lot of space.

 You can build a Rabbit Cages make sure when you are building these that you are making it a minimum of 2 feet by 4 feet. Then the last option for housing your rabbit would be free ranging your rabbit in a rabbit proofed room, this is the best option I would say you could do this gives a rabbit plenty of space because we have a whole room to themselves of course when you are doing free ranging of the whole room you are going to need to litter box train your rabbit which can be fairly simple because rabbits are fairly easy to train. If you do decide to go with the cage option make sure you are letting your rabbit outside of the cage for at least four hours every single day.

Now for bedding if you are going to be getting a cage with a base you might want to be filling this with bedding you can go with a couple of different safe options such as Aspen shavings Bedding by kaytee this one is clean and cosy or care fresh, this beddings will work just you want to stay away from any pine shavings cedar shavings or unscented beddings as those can all cause respiratory infections.

For cages that don't have a base you can use fleece if you have litter box trained your rabbit fleece is a good option memory foam mats are also good for a rabbit's feet but if you are going to be using fleece or a memory foam mat things like that make sure your rabbit isn't like chewing them and like ingesting that because it isn't safe if they are chewing it you might have to come up with a different solution for bedding.

The Nest thing is chews and toys I have a variety here because rabbits do need stimulation just like any other animal they need tons of toys they love playing and they also do need chews because the teeth are continuously growing all the time they don't fall out like human teeth so they do need hard things to wear down there are so many different types of chew toys like you can get these wooden ones.

You can use some Toys or Things that make noise rabbits seem to like cat balls rabbits love nudging these around there's different types of materials of toys that you can get this little cute caterpillar, the wooden barbell is some rabbits favourite toy to just pick up and throw because rabbits seem to really like the throw things around.

The Next is a rabbit's diet your rabbits diet is super important you can't just go to the pet store and pick out any type of pellet and just feed in that because there are so much more to a rabbits diet, in a rabbit's diet they should have 80% hay(Dry Grass) 10% vegetables 5% of a healthy pellet and 5% or less of treats some people prefer not to feed their rabbits pellets but that just depends on their rabbit and if they have talked to the vet and such a rabbit should have a consistent supply of HAY, if they don't they can actually go into something called GI stasis(This makes Rabbit digestive system slows down or stops completely) and that can quickly lead to death within less than 24 hours so you need to be making sure you always are giving your rabbit Hay. there are a ton of different varieties of HAY.

Here is an example of a type this is just the Oxbow Orchard Grass Hay there also is the Timothy Hay, Botanical Hay, Oat Hay Meadow Grass Hay and I think there's a couple more but there is a lot of different Hays the most popular would probably be the Timothy Hay there also is Alfalfa Hay now that should only be fed to rabbits six months and under because it is very high in protein and calcium so it's good for growing bunnies but for adult bunnies it's not good because you can cause them to gain too much weight and it also can cause to them create calcium stones.

For pellets you want to stick to something that is just Pelleted something like this is just pellets there are mixes on the market for rabbits that has like seeds and artificial like coloured little bit, those are not good for rabbit and seeds are definitely not good for your rabbit they cannot digest those so you need to stay away from anything with seeds and nuts and things like that when picking a pellet you do want to have any certain guaranteed analysis be sure you are looking at guaranteed analysis it should say on the back of the bag and you may want to look for twelve to fourteen percent protein a minimum of 18 percent fiber and two to five percent fat, This Pellets will be the Oxbow essentials adult rabbits food rabbits go nuts over this.

Another important part of your rabbits diet is fresh vegetables daily a rabbit should get one cup for every two pounds of body weight so if your rabbit is four pounds you are going to want to give two cups of veggies for them each day and you can split it up throughout the day you don't have to give two cups right away you can give one cup in the morning or one cup in afternoon, things like that but they do need to be getting their vegetable, they can have a variety of fruits and vegetables.

The next thing is water of course this is super important to rabbits just like any other animal you need water there are two different ways that you can be giving your rabbits water and that is through a water bottle or through a dish. I really don't recommend water bottles as much as i use a dish because water bottles causes your rabbit to tilt their head at an awkward angle so that they can't get as much water out and it can cause some neck problems. I recommend a dish it's a lot more natural for them to drink, some time Rabbit destroyed up here to destroy because rabbits seem to chew on them I don't know why, you can fill this water up and it slowly comes out as they drink more and more, you can change water every day.

Next thing is cleaning your rabbit cage if you do have a cage of course should be spot cleaned every day making sure you're removing any of the soiled bedding and poops and things like that if you are free ranging your rabbit and you have them on a litter box then you really don't have to clean the litter box every single day you can go about two days three days at the maximum for your rabbit itself.

You should never be bathing them in water they are like cats so they groom themselves and they should never be bathed in water because it can do more harm to them, now if your rabbit seems to get like matted under its butt or maybe some poop and things like that are stuck on their butt and it just isn't cleaning there you can give them a butt bath but this shouldn't be done very often.

When Rabbit does go through a molting process where there are different seasons where they lose their winter coat and they shed a ton I'm going to say almost every rabbit sheds a ton it doesn't really matter what type you are going to need some type of rabbit brush you can use cats brush also but it is really good doesn't pull at their skin or anything and then there's a wire brush, you just have to be gentle with it and then this brush basically useless because it gets no hair you are going to want to need some type of brush unless you just want to let your rabbit do it but I recommend brushing your rabbit.

Next thing is sociability rabbits are super social creatures they are like guinea pigs and they should be in pairs always there are some occasions where your rabbit may not be able to be paired and that is only if you have tried multiple times before to pair them with another rabbit and it just isn't working out they seem to just fight and you've tried with different rabbits and it's all the same outcomes or your rabbit has some type of illness that prevents them from being able to be with another rabbit.

Other  thing to talk about is that rabbits definitely need a vet fund and it can be quite expensive rabbits can easily get sick so it's important that if they do you can take them to a vet, every rabbit should be spayed or neutered it prevents a lot of different things such as reproductive cancers it also makes them easier to litter box train it prevents against any aggression and territorial-ness  and it also can help prolong their lifespan, having your rabbit spayed or neutered will also help if you are pairing your rabbit with another rabbit because it cause when you spay or neuter your rabbit they're hormones basically disappeared so that it makes them a lot easier to pair with each other and spaying and neutering in general is just a really good idea.

So Friends follow all the things you read in this blog and i am sure you can make your Rabbit Happy and Healthy with you.

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