Tuesday, September 14, 2021

How to Care and Make Happy and Healthy Your Cat in Summer

 Hello Friends this blog will help you to care your Cat here i give information like How to take care your cat in summers I want to tell you all that mostly diseases that cat suffers like fungal infection , fleas , hair fall or weakness have 80% of chances that cat will have in summers.

Here I will share information with you how you can care for your cat in summers and how you can save your cat from hot weather, so read all this information carefully because each and every point in this Blog is very important.

Mostly people want to know what type of environment we should provide to our cat in summers, so keep in mind you can keep your Cat in same environment where you live, you should provide to your cat also whether you use Fan or AC. That doesn't mean that if you cannot afford AC you cannot keep a cat but still you must take precautions like keep them away from sunlight. If you have room for your cats then provide them room cooler it creates a good environment and some cats like to sit in washroom because it is cold there but make sure floor is not wet.

Other most important thing is water. Because there are a lot of chances of dehydration, so give them maximum water specially to the cat who eats dry food because they need it the most. So provided them water of normal temperature and keep changing water or provide them water fountain if you have because cats love running water and change the water in front of her so that she know that it is fresh water or try to keep water at multiple places so that cats can easily drink it because cats need water the most in summers and if we talk about food cats or mostly animals start eating less in summers.

In winters they eat more to keep them warm but in summers they eat less because they don't need it. Because of that they also look weak in summers, so provide them fresh food or you can also change diet according to summers which can be very beneficial. In Summer you should grooming your Cat daily Or you can clean your cat with wet towel in summers specially in day time but make sure your cat does not remain wet It reliefs cats.

Now we will talk about some problems that cats suffer specially in summers First is fungal infection I mention this again and again that make sure cat doesn't remain wet if she sits in the washroom make sure that floor is not wet If you clean with wet towel make sure cat is completely clean and not wet Because if there is water on her skin there are a lot of chances of fungal infection and may you all not know that mostly cases of fungal comes in muggy whether because there is water remains on the surface which causes fungal infection its is type of infection that never leaves specially breeders cats and when they give birth babies it is transfer to them also.

Second big problem that cats suffer in summers is fleas or ticks Fleas develop in cats so quickly I will give you advice if your cat has ever suffered fleas apply spray one or two times in summers or whatever remedy you use for fleas If your cat hasn't suffer fleas then still I will suggest you to apply the spray at least once in the whole season. There is a lot of shedding in summers Cats shed their fur where they feel irritation.

My last advice is for the people who breed cats. My advice is don't breed in June July august because cat stays in stress because of summers and pregnancy and this thing which many breeders may notice that there is a difference of quality in the breed of summers and winters. So avoid in these months and  I hope you understand how you can care your any Cat in Summer.

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