Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Fish Care Q & A to make your Fish Happy with you

Hello Friends in this blog i am going to share some informative information with you about Fish care in Hindi and English, Here i answer some selected questions and time by time i will add some more questions answer here to update you more about Fish Care.

Can we give Extra Food to our fish?

Food should always be given in a limited quantity to the fish. If we give food to the fish in large quantities then the remaining food will floating in the aquarium and mess up the aquarium. Which will spoil the beauty and water of the aquarium. Therefore, we should always give food in limited or a small amount only. Remember, fish never die from eating less food, but if the fish eat too much food then Fish can die.

How many fish we can use in a 500 LTR tank?

If you plan to buy a large size fish then you should buy 500 litre tank and choose correct things for your tank, which seller can provide you more better, but remember you should know about your fish size because if you buy them in young age they are tiny and within a year or later they grow 2-3 times bigger than the time you buy them. I provide you a link of a shop where you can see 500 litre tank and you can see how many fish they keep in, so you can click HERE to watch video. this will give you a idea how many fish you should keep in your 500 litre tank.

Can coronavirus be transmitted from pet fishes to humans?

CoronaVirus can effect Human from fish only if that fish contact with the person or any other things who infected with the CoronaVirus. If that fish not in contact with anyone who infected with CoronaVirus then you can play with your fish without worry.

How many Oscar Fish we should keep in a 4 feet aquarium?

You can keep 4 to 6 Oscar Fish in 4 feet aquarium, but remember they all should have same size because if their size is not same they start fight in aquarium and elder one can kill small one. 4 feet aquarium will be a good home for 6 Oscar Fish but if possible then keep 4 Oscar Fish only because when they grow they choose their place in bottom of the tank and they not allowed other fish to come in their territory, if someone come they definitely they will fight and they can kill, so keep big fish in less number in your Aquarium.

What Food we can give to our Eel Fish

As eels like to dig, use live molded plants to prevent breaking them. It feeds on small live foods such as Earthworms, Small Fish, Blood Worms, Glass Worms, Brine Shrimp Larvae and Crickets. You can also buy some Eel Fish food from fish shop to make them a healthy good.

I hope you like you like given information in this blog if you have any question please ask freely in comment or you can Email us.

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