Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Do We Need to Cut Nails of Our Birds

Hello friends, in this blog today I am going to share with you some information whether we should cut our birds' nails or not. If you understand Hindi then you can watch video by clicking on the video above and get all information or you can read this blog.

Birds nails growing is same as human nails grow. Now here comes the question whether we should cut the nails of our birds or not. First of all we should know how is our bird. Does our bird stay in his cage all day as wild birds are kept or is our bird is a Tame bird whom we have trained to live with us by training.

There is no need to cut the nails of the birds that we keep in the cage, but we can cut the nails of that birds who live with us outside cage, but remember this is also not necessary.

So when should we need to cut the nails of birds, according to the information so far, you must have understood that there is no need to cut the nails of the birds who live in the cage. Now the birds who live with us, you need to cut their nails only when you feel too much pointed, remember this is common a little bit nail prick and it happens with all birds.

While cutting the nails you have to keep in mind that you need to cut pointed part of the nail how much look white, if you cut more deep then blood will come out from bird legs. So take care and carefully cut the nails of the bird. If you cannot do this alone then keep someone with you and cut the nail carefully.

The bird will also be happy with a properly nails cut and you will also feel good with your bird.

Friends, I hope that the information given in this blog will definitely work for you. Thank you for reading for my this blog.


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