Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Q & A of Red Eared Slider Turtle Care

Hello Friends in this blog i try to answer of some question which is ask me by some people, so please read full blog and share if this blog helpful for you or not because i give all answer as per my experience which have with my Red Eared Slider Turtles.

RES Turtle

Can we feed Fish food to our Turtle.

Yes we can feed fish food to our turtle but keep in mind this should be a optional option only. If your Turtle food finished and you not able to buy new food then you can feed fish food to your turtle for 2-3 days and they buy Turtle food to make your turtle more happy and healthy.

 Can we apply coconut oil on Turtle or Tortoise Shell

yes we can use coconut oil on turtle shell but we need to remember if you apply on turtle upper and lower shell then we need to keep our turtle out of water for at least 30 minutes, on Tortoise we no need to worry we just apply and leave for a long time. Keep your turtle in UVA+UVB light for fast recovery. 

 How to Protect our Turtle from Shell rot/smell?

If someone saw this kind of problem then first of all you need to clean your turtle shell as soon as possible first clean with salt water then clean all shell then apply antibacterial cream and keep your turtle out of water for at least 30 minutes and do this for maximum 3 to 5 days if turtle not have much problem, if you turtle face problem more longer time then do all things mention above and keep your turtle out of water for long 3 to 5 days and keep in water only for feeding time and before feeding clean your turtle well, make sure all antibacterial cream wipe then keep turtle in water and feed and water should be less than upper shell of your turtle after eating apply and antibacterial cream and keep your turtle in UVA+UVB light for fast recovery.

How much Red Ear Slider Turtle can grow.

Red Ear Slider turtle can grow up to 15 inches or little bit more but only female turtle can reach this size mostly male grow around 8 to 10 inches only.

 Do Turtle face problem in cold water?

If your turtle live in cold water for long time specially in winter time then maybe later your turtle have cold like running nose problem and mostly in winter if someone not use heather for maintain turtle tank water temperature then turtle stop eat after few days and stay in a place so be careful because this can kill your turtle.

How to know turtle is Dead or Alive

If you not see any movement in your turtle for some days then you can move your turtle by a stick or if your turtle not move then you can try to hold your turtle and touch his body part to know if he have some movement or not. If your turtle alive then you can see your turtle tummy moving from below legs. This happen with your turtle mostly in winter when turtle go in a deep sleep which call Hibernate.

Can A Res Turtles live in high altitudes?

Red Eared Slider Turtles can live easily in high altitudes also because they not need too much Oxygen to survive, they spend their time inside water almost all day or some more long as i saw my RES Turtle in winter they just stay inside water and stop eat or eat only few times in a week mostly they just live under water, so as per my experience they can live in high altitudes easily.

Can red eared slider turtle get Covid-19?

No Covid case found in turtle yet as per my knowledge but can be spread only if someone infected by Covid-19 and spend time with animal, so just stay safe and keep your pets safe from this kind of situation. You can see RES Turtle respiratory problem if water condition is not good or your turtle have some other heath issue but its not mean Turtle infected by Covid-19, if you find any situation like this the go to doctor as soon as possible for a safer side.

 Thanks for reading my blog have a good day enjoy always.

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